Next spotting trip location

  • LGA
  • EWR

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I’m heavily favoring EWR now. LGA has been a series of disappointments.

Try to get those 757 beauties if you go to EWR. :)

I’ll look into some more. I have no idea how runway patrerns and corresponding locations work out so no guarantees I get anything good. Hope 300 mm. lens gives me significantly better range than the 200

If you’re interested in 757s in general versus UA 757s, then I have Icelandair (2 and 3), Delta (2 and 3 in Ron Allen, Widget, possibly colors in motion), Northwest, Aer Lingus, American (Old and new), FlyJamaica, United (Final tulip, globe), Open Skies, and FedEx

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Yesss! The time has come where you can catch a LaCompagnie!

Please add TNCM ;)


La Compagnie & Openskies coming from Paris!

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EWR is now looking less likely because it’s even tougher than I first thought.

Sometime :).

Taking two vacations this season. Florida and an undecided Caribbean island. Current Candidates Are:

Cayman Islands
Sint Maarten, Saint Barthelemy, Saba
British/US Virgin Islands

Cayman offers me a ok priced 737-300 in their funky livery
Sint Maarten offers me an overpriced 757-200 but the best planespotting in the world

BVI offers small airports, dirt runways, and Dash 8s/Twin Otters.

Seriously considering Cayman or Sint Maarten. Possibly SXM ;).