[Next Session Saturday] Infinite Flight Movie in The Making - YOU could be a part of it!

Project Control

Hey all! With nothing better to do while we are in lockdown, I figured I’d make another Infinite Flight movie! The movie will be called “Control”.

Now, last time I made a movie a lot of people enjoyed it. I’ve had countless people want to work to make a second one happen, including PocketRishi and IFP Dan (who just released a movie of his own).
These both fell out of production because of issues with our time difference, however I thought that you guys would love to help me out.

Even more surprisingly, I had a lot of people ask me to make a movie to rap, I dont mean 3 or 4 people. I had 30+ DM’s after my last movie with song suggestions. Now, let me tell you; I was not open to the idea. Not until I found this song:

The song is PG, and I think I can make it happen with the help of you guys.

Recording Sessions

Recording sessions will begin tomorrow. I’ll tell you when we start, airport, information, plane, blah blah blah.
Together, we can make this happen!


My last movie:


This is cool

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Sound cool @Etrain I would love to join!

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If you want that I film the video contact me I’m good do screenshots and film cinematic in IF.
Have a greate day/night

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I would like to join this!

I’d love to Join!!
Are you using the NCS song “control”?

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Sounds cool! I wouldn’t mind being a part if i has time :/


Hey! I already know how to film, but thanks :)

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The song in the main thread :)

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Here’s a concept thumbnail for the project!

It isn’t perfect but I think it’s a neat idea.


Yeah i know, but I cloud help you but it’s ok If you don’t want my help.

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I have a way to film it in HD, so I’ll stick to my ways. I just need help getting the group shots.


Oh, sorry… got anxious because I’m making a video with a song called control in it so, just jumped ahead of myself. I can help, not always available, but most of the time.

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Ok i cloud be ATC when you will do it in TS, but I don’t think I will be able when I will be in the IFATC in one month.

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How do you know that lol.

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So I cloud corrdinate plane with ATC

Because I will do my best at the next exam;)

I’d love to join in on this!!!

Count me in!

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I would love to join this!

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