Next Reworks/New Planes

I know that the A330 is the next reworked aircraft that is coming! Will Infinite Flight also be working on another plane or developing another plane? Please let me know what you think!

No announcement has been made.


As of right now, there are no other confirmed reworks or additions of aircraft other than the A330.

To be honest I would hope not. I would like them to focus fully on the A330 and as said above no announcement has been made.

Nobody knows for sure, except for maybe the devs, and a thread like this is just an invitation for conspiracy theorists saying that the next aircraft to be done can only be the A380 because Jason was spotted eating Cadbury’s Double Decker on Flight Sim UK 2019. IF is community driven, and as we’ve seen in 2020 aircraft polls, the community is shifting away from widebodies. But again, it can be anything that flies, except maybe for Concorde, as they sometimes do aircraft not that popular in #features, like XCub, A-10, C172


Consider it a hint…