Next Project - Liveries Overhaul?

This feature request requests the devs to do a ‘livery overhaul’ which would basically implement many liveries to planes before any rework. I thought of this because there are requests like the Qantas 737-800 and Virgin Australia, BA A321 and 320, Virgin Atlantic 747-400 and many many more that I would love to see in IF before another major rework or update. Plz vote and any feedback is appreciated.

Only one request per topic please.


What Mr Alex wants here is an update that has livery add-ons before release of any major update. I don’t understand why you call this as a request for multiple features.


Oh I understand it’s one thing per topic I was only giving examples - my request is for there to be a liveries overhaul not each individual request


Great idea. Hope the devs see this as some liveries need to added. Like you mentioned the qantas 738 and so on…

So you want multiple liveires addeds?

Imo, a livery overhaul is technically one request. I understand that means making many liveries, but if he were to ask for say three specific liveries, that would be multiple requests, but this is kinda in general.
This would be great! But honestly, I would want the A330 rework at least done before this :)

I think what is he is saying is he would want devs to spend on a livery rework update

Agreed, the livery selection needs a complete overhaul. It would be nice if they made a update dedicated to just filling up the liveries we have on the current plane. Ugh, there is so much to do, I’m conflicted on what should be done first.


Please stick to one request as Qantas stated :) or bump a current feature topic.