Next plane

Hi guys, I was thinking today about having a private jet update to the game. I’m just thinking out loud to see if anyone is kinda on the same boat as me. (Not that the update should be launched this year) but have like a really cool Private jet addition to the game because we don’t have many cool private jets, I mean there okay, but not like elite! Idk it’s just a thought, but what do y’all think about the idea?

Hello @Ollie3az,

Another private jet would be a cool addition to the simulator. We have a #features category where users may create and vote on feature requests.

Since you are trust-level 1, you may vote on a few topics of your choosing. I’d recommend using the search feature to see if any private aircraft have been requested—you can vote on those. When you become trust-level 2, you may create threads that do not have a duplicate. Check out the About the Features Category topic for more details.