Next plane to be updated

After the A330-900 what do you guys think the next plane to be updated will be? I hope either the A380 or the 787 family gets updated but I’m guessing it will most likely be the A220 because now the A330 has been updated.

Most likely A380 or 747-8. Although Embraer Jets do have the most votes atm. However I would like to see any new freighters as well as fighters ✌🏻.

Personally, I’d like the A346 to be updated. But I’d also like to see something new added, such as the DC9/MD80 series. Or even the 727.


The last plane update I was really exited about was probably the 777 family. I still remember when the d communities reaction to the A350 release. For a week from the casual to expert server every person was flying the A350. I think a A380 update will cause that reaction again.

I usually like having newer planes being updated that give players more route options

I think the 747-8 has 92 votes which is no where near the A380

I hope it will be the MD-80 getting added… probably won’t though…

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We need to rally together, I know alot of you all dont fly the C17 but if it got an update I think a lot of you airline guys would love it. I really hope next is the C17. Powerful and can lift alot of weight!

Not to start a discussion or anything, but I wouldn’t think the C-17 is much of an airliner but it’s your opinion

It’s not, isn’t it a military plane

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Me, I’m hoping a series of giants would be the next major rework as they have gained world status as icons in either passenger airliners and military aviation for as long as we can all remember, growing up - and flying these heavy beauties in their proper rework in IF would slightly require us to have a new skillset. They’ve been voiced all over the forum and all three have gained a total of 2482 votes to date.

But… a close contender would be our smaller regional jets, just two of them being voted in IF, have gained a total of 2456 votes to date!

Of course, these numbers mean nothing without their Venn Diagram analytics to filter out stuffs - i.e. some of us who appeared in two or more of these votes, etc.

So the simplest way would be to make another big vote - now here’s the exciting stuffs: What would be offered on our plates? And WHEN will this next big vote be announced?

I can only say, literally can only say, “Surprise me…!”

(and yea I did heavily re-edit this reply 'cause reading back it sounded like an incoherent rambling 😂)

I think they’re most likely gonna do an update where they either update the embraers or add the A220 series. After that they’ll look into the A380.

I’m hoping the 767 gets the rework next. 767 Family or just the -300ER. It’ll benefit freighter and passenger.

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im placing my bets on the A340-300, i reckon they will do for the exact same reason they chose to do the A339. near identical fuselage, wings, tail etc to the A333. only major external differences are the engines and the extra landing gear. and after they have done this, they will shift their focus to the E-jets.

But why didn’t they do that with the A350-1000 after the A359, building the A350-1000 would be the next logical step and I know it would have more route options and liveries than the A339

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The A350-1000 has a stretched fuselage (also why they are not doing the A332 anytime soon), thats why, it would involve a lot of work there. whilst the length of the A339, A333 and the A343 are the same, thereby reducing the amount of work required.

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Let us just wait for the announcement of the next official aircraft poll / vote for 2021-2022 (Hopefully). I think there are tons of choices for the next development / rework aircrafts.

Not sure if you all misunderstood what I was saying lol no the C17 is not a Airliner it’s a Military Strategic Lift Aircraft. But I’m saying all you who love Airliners would like the C17 if it received a update. It is maneuverable and powerful.

Me again, I’m sorry. Something just hit me (in my mind). Don’t these “reworks” seem random to yall? There’s no theme, no purpose, but just… a battle of votes, a war of: me like dis plen so you plees make it! Then when that plane gets rolled out of the Infinite Flight workshop - it’s just that, end of waiting. Toys for kiddies and we’ll all shut up for awhile, me included.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still celebrating every single day for that smile I had just before bed when 777 was announced as winner and then IF decided to throw in our (my!) beloved 737-800 on the side!

But a few other planes later moving forward… is this, just what it will be?

The last time Laura put her foot down to rework some GA’s was the only time I felt an update had a grand theme, an existing genius of a reason: Infinite Flight will function in the real world as pre-flight planning guidance for GAs. How awesome was that idea! I’m not talking about the what items will be made, I’m talking about the why several items were made in support to each other or to support one aircraft being re-worked. This, is the theme I’m talking about: A flight-sim celebration for the world of aviation, if not a contribution!

So, my hopes for the next plane to be made, re-worked or updated AFTER the A330 Neo (which is obvious), would be an item that will celebrate something in the aviation world, will have several supported items coming along with it, that’ll entice every single one of us to try out that challenge or help out new career or educative possibilities!

But no pressure 'aight devs?😁 Just sayin my two cents for future strategic considerations only, appreciating what once were and hoping something that’ll propel IF in its native platform to become more and more irreplaceable will come along each time another freshly painted aircraft rolls out the hangar.


Personally, I think the 767. I’ve seen so many people talk about it lately.

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