Next on FlightCast: Jared Ditcher & the Bombardier CRJ - Questions Welcome!

Hey FlightCast fans!

Next up on FlightCast will be IFATC Jared Ditcher (@Jdichter) ! Jared is a regional airline First Officer in the United States. He flies the CRJ 700-900 series aircraft and is going to join us as part of our real world pilot series!

We’d love to hear what questions you have for Jared. Keep in mind, we’ll ask the usual, “how did you get into aviation,” and “what are your hopes for the future”. So, the more original you can get, the better!

Interview is tomorrow (October 5th) at 1100 EDT (1500GMT). Questions after that time won’t be considered.



Do you love flying the CRJ and how it handles?

What aircraft would you love to fly the most?

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Let’s see. How many miles do you have accumulated on the Bombardier 700-900 Series?

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Is it the case that pilots of the larger aircraft sometimes feel they have more prestige over pilots flying the smaller aircraft like the CRJ family?


Essay question for scholarship that I’m answering right now. If you were given any plane, and be able to fly with anyone, where would you go. , What would you fly and who would you take


Do you think the crj 900 would make a good addition?

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Jared, do you plan on flying larger aircraft in the future of your pilot career?
Also, what has been your most memorable flight to date?

Warm Regards, Humberto :)


He is an IFATC hmmmmm let me think

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Are we going to take the CRJ for a spin after I get off work when you fly to my local field?


Do you prefer flying or controlling on Infinite Flight?

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Literally cracked me up😂

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What do you think when your sitting behide a big jet waiting for takeoff?

Which do you find the most fun, flying in real life or on infinite flight?

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Lol, didn’t read the whole thing.

@SkyHighGuys that was very immature.


What’s the shortest runway you’ve had to land on in the CRJ?
What has been the most challenging flight situation you’ve had to deal with in your career?
Do you have opportunity to do any private flying, and how does that compare?
What would you say is the best feature on the CRJ, whether it’s something that you personally like or something that makes it a better airplane than a different model?
How easy is it to manage crew conflict? [In other words, we know everyone needs to act professional and utilise CRM procedures, but if friction happens, how is it managed and how would you deal with it?]
What does Infinite Flight (or any other simulators) offer to you that professional flying does not?


Sorry thanks for the heads up

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It’s okay, lol, I’m not mad or anything.

I seriously did not read the whole thing. I am the type of person who just reads the title and answers it!

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No worries. Lol and it might be handy to read more next time 😉


Yeah! Lol. But it was kind of off topic!