Next on FlightCast: Deon Mitton - Questions... go.

Hey FlightCast Listeners!

I’m really excited to introduce our next guest on the podcast; Instagrammer, commercial/Instrument/Seaplane pilot, as well as private helicopter pilot. You may recognize his name from Instagram because his plane spotting photos are glorious. Check him out and follow here:

We’ve invited Deon to come and have a chat with us, and it will be the second in our plane spotter series and also part of our real world pilot series. Please ask questions and remember to try and keep them relevant for us to consider them.

He’s currently at Sun 'n Fun so keep that in mind when asking questions!



What’s the difference and what should a pilot think about when landing on sea instead of a runway?


What the differences and similarities between flying a plane and a helicopter?


Why did you choose flying a seaplane than others ?.
How was your first impression flying seaplane ?.
Did you never play flight simulator ? , did you never try to play Infinite Flight ? .
Thanks .


Is flying a seaplane living up to what you thought it would? Also, how difficult is it to get a seaplane pilots license?

Hey guys - thanks for the questions. Looks like we’ll be holding the interview tonight (4 ish hours from this comment) so if you have any other questions for Deon, please let me know!

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When taking pictures for your amazing Instagram account, what is your biggest challenge? And how do you overcome them?

What is your opinion on IF? (if you played it)

What camera do you use?

What camera/lens do you recommend for amateur plane spotters

Thanks in Advance

Based on this photo it looks like you flew a Cessna into a class bravo/charlie airport. What is it like flying a GA aircraft into a big airport? Do you feel the intimidation having other heavies around you?

Photo I’m referring to:

This is abit of a standard question, but why did you start flight? And how come sea-planes? What are the challenges of a sea-plane, helicopter, etc.

How, why, and what do you like to take plane-spotting pictures? What’s the equipment, and what got you started?
I just realized that you probably already started the interview…

What inspired you to pursue this career?
What are some things you would like to work towards in the future?

How you getting to Oshkosh this year?

What’s better- seaplanes or helicopters?

Cub or Kodiak?

What camera/lenses do you use? I know you have the GoPro.

What was your favorite part of Oshkosh last year?

What’s your favorite airport (or water strip) to land at and why?

What’s the most exotic or rare aircraft you’ve ever flown?

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