[Next leg 8am BST tomorrow] My Around The World in an A321

Tomorrow I am attempting to go around the world in an A321 visiting the most unused airports in Infinite Flight instead of going to major airports.

My first flight will be Heathrow to Jeddah.

These are my legs:

EGLL - OEJN completed
OEJN - VRMM completed
VRMM - VHHH completed
VHHH - YBCS cancelled
YBCS - NCRG cancelled
NCRG - SCIP cancelled
SCIP - SKBO cancelled
SKBO - CYQB cancelled
YBCS - PHNL completed
PHNL - KPHX On Wednesday
KPHX - CYQB On Thursday
CYQB - EGLL On Friday

If you want to track/follow me my callsign will be Reunion 205

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Please post it here:

We’ve got a lot of similair topics.

LHR is one of the busiest airport in IF, there’s always ATC on the TS.

Ok thanks for letting me know for next time.

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I meant some of the other airports

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Following you! Be sure

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I’m starting at 8am BST tomorrow

Good luck my friend, I will follow you

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that’s early ill try to see you there, do you know what terminal stand you will be at

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Gate 539 in Terminal 5B if it’s not taken when I spawn in

You didn’t said on Wich server and @A320fan is on expert I think.

Training Server sorry

Also stand change to Gate 249

Leg 1 is complete

I have landed my A321 in Jeddah (OEJN) after a 6hrs flight time.

I didn’t get any photos because I forgot.

I ended up taxiing around Heathrow for 30 minutes because the controller changed the runways twice.

I got up from the ground a bit late but I had all day to complete the flight so it was fine.

I forgot that I hadn’t take photos until I was over Egypt.


Next I began my decent in OEJN.


I did my smoothest landing ever too!

Overall it was a successful flight. Next leg Jeddah to Male.

Wow your copilot looks really derpy

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Leg 2 begins in 15 minutes from Stand 5-06 at OEJN as I fly down to VRMM.

Leg 2 is complete

My second flight from Jeddah to Male took 5hrs 10mins.

I didn’t get many pictures as there wasn’t much to see apart from desert and ocean.

This picture was over Saudi Arabia. In the background you can see Jeddah by the coast.

The next picture was just before I descended into VRMM.

This picture was on approach to the airport.

And this picture was on the ground in Male.

And there’s my derpy co-pilot.

Next leg is at the same time tomorrow from VRMM to VHHH.

Nice Job. Looks like you’ve done a great job committing to this.

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Thanks man 😀 @Maxxus1

Leg 3 is complete

My A321 is down in Hong Kong after a 6 hour flight from Male.

Take off from Male was easy with no crosswinds.

I left the atolls of the Maldives behind and headed across the Laccadive Sea.

I passed over Colombo, Sri Lanka.

I continued proceeding to pass over the Indochina region. Whilst over Eastern Thailand I passed an A330 which was on the same flight path as me, luckily it was 2,000 feet below me.

I began descent after passing Hainan.

Approach into Hong Kong was smooth and easy.

And I was parked at the gate just after 6pm local time just in time to see the start of a sunset.

Next leg will be from Hong Kong to Cairns in Australia. This will be my longest leg estimated at 6hrs 30mins.

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Ok I forgot to do yesterday’s but I have one and half to do now.

Yesterday’s flight was great because it was the first time I’ve flown to Australia in Infinite Flight. Here are some pictures:

image image image image image image image

Then today’s flight from Cairns was normal until my iPad started buffering and eventually it crashed less than an hour away from the airport.

I hope to reattempt the leg soon again…

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