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Here at Next Gen Virtual, we strive for only the very best VO flying experience. We are all about a realistic, professional, caring airline environment. Our extensive fleet and routes grant our pilots the most enjoyable experience possible. If you choose us, you are guaranteed a realistic airline feel and the support of the amazing Next Gen Virtual family.

Airbus A320 Family

Consisting of the A320 and A321, these short range narrow-body airliners are used in our Australian and American routes.

Airbus A330

Consisting of the -300 and -900neo, the A330 family is used to travel across the whole world!

Airbus A350

This long range wide-body beauty flies continent to continent over the whole world.

Airbus A380

This giant aircraft brings you some of the longest routes in out database!

Boeing 737 Family

Short haul aircraft, the -700, -800 and -900 flies you all over Australia and New Zealand.

Boeing 747-8

This impressive airliner travels all over the world and has many Europe-America routes.

Boeing 777 Family

Covering most of our extra-long routes, the -200ER, -200LR, -300ER and F are a very important aircraft in our fleet.

Boeing 787 Family

This wide-body dreamliner, like the 777, offers many long range routes.

Boeing C-17

This special military aircraft allows you to fly your own route!

Bombardier CRJ Family

These short range aircraft, the -200, -700, -900 and -1000, take you primarily across Australia and America.

Bombardier Dash 8

The unique turbo-prop airliner, the Q400, takes you to special places around Australia that other aircraft can’t!

Embraer E-Jet Family

The E170, E175, E190 and E195 give you variety when exploring Australia.

Cessna Citation X

This private jet allows you to fly where you want!

Airbus A220-300

Coming Soon To NGVG!


All aircraft in our fleet are flown in the generic livery.

Here at NGVG, we strive for only the best flight experience, that’s why we offer pilot our expanding route network. Our pilot’s have 100 routes to choose from but our route database is always growing. Check out our route database to see for yourself.

Hours & Ranking

  • When pilots fly one of our routes, they file a PIREP and gain hours for every route they fly
  • Ranks are based on flight hours, the more flying you do, the higher your rank
  • At higher ranks, you unlock better or longer range aircraft


  • Trainee (0 hours) :: Cannot Fly
  • Second Officer (0-50 hours) :: A320, A321, 737, CRJ-200/-700, Q400, E170/175
  • First Officer (51-100 hours) :: A330-300/-900, CRJ-900/-1000, E190/195
  • Senior First Officer (100-150 hours) :: A350, 787
  • Captain (150-200 hours) :: 777
  • Senior Captain (200-400) :: C-17, Citation

Meet The NGVG Staff Team

  • Chief Executive Officer: @Cpt.Damboo60
  • Chief Operations Officer: Vacant
  • Event Manager: Vacant
  • Routes Manager: Vacant
  • Chief Pilot: Vacant
  • Server Moderator: Vacant

If you are looking to apply or seek more information head to Our Website.


So Nice Thread! 😍❤


Nice thread! Looking forward to sharing the skies with you!


Welcome on the VA/VO Community,

We are more than happy to see a brand new VO like yours. You’ve a really great fleet and seems to be well organized.

Wish you all the best on this new world, for you ;)


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