Next gen Data comm

Washington Dulles International Airport is now equipped with latest in pilot/controller communication.


Always good to hear! Besides the obvious communication improvements and time saving features outlined in the article, Data Comm could open a new window for future controllers.

It’s awesome to see a large amount of major airport hubs adopting this, as well as a bunch of smaller ones. Holding out hope that the tech will be widespread enough for a shot to be a controller someday. :)

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Without a doubt the techno waves will keep coming into aviation. The interesting facet that I await to see is how smaller aircraft who rely solely on voice comms could be effected by this new feature. Common sense would dictate that voice comms won’t be eradicated from ATC/Aircraft communications completely, at least not from my point of view.

Looking forward to seeing this in Heathrow

I believe the FAA is offering $200-300 rebates to private pilots who qualify for Data Comm installment. It’s slow going, but at least it’s progress.

More likely text and click will be fully integrated into clearance delivery and en-route centers in the near future, especially as a large number have already done so to some degree. Those two services are a lot more feasible to fledge out the tech, as you won’t have the dynamics of 6+ aircraft revolving around in a pattern that would require the finesse of voice comms. All that could change in the future, though; IF does pretty well with a similar setup.

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@JoshFly8 Even though there is progress in this we wont hear much from Kennedy Steve!

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