Next-Gen Air Traffic Control

I was just looking at an unrelated story on one of my local news stations, and I came across a story about the development of next-gen ATC.

Here is the first part of the story, it talks about how the current system is outdated:

Here is the second part that talks about the next-gen ATC.

I want to see what you guys in the community think about this!


Wow, I just found these stories yesterday and here is one about the FAA bringing it to Detroit.

Sweet! More on time arrivals is a great goal to focus on. Hopefully they have rock solid back ups for the next time a solar flare decides to tamper with another satellite.

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This would have huge effects on Atlanta for sure! Also, the backup would probably be the old system.

I agree. Atlanta was such an unfortunate situation. I was caught up in San Diego trying to get to Atlanta during that mess. Stood in line for 7.5 hours. Hopefully they REALLY cover the fail safes.

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Yeah. The one thing about Atlanta that I hope doesn’t change is when you are landing, Six other planes are landing at the same time as you. Its pretty cool looking out the window and see other planes on approach to the other runways.

YES! We had a “race” with a mad dog when we finally came in to Atlanta. Super cool to experience in person.

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The NextGen system is pretty interesting. A number of changes are being swept across the board, with quite a few occurring in everyday ATC functions.

It is my hope that a wider form of text-to-plane communication will be achieved one day. Several center controls in Canada and a number of clearance delivery frequencies, one of which is running at KCLT, have switched entirely to a form of communication with electronic strips. No verbal contact is required with the aircraft- the pilot accepts or “unables” the CD/routing, very much like here in the sim. Prevents frequency chatter, clog ups, and misunderstandings! If this technological advancement allows me to become a controller one day, I will seriously die the happiest man on earth.

Of course, all the other stuff is cool too. Just my $0.02. ;)

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It may even be easier to be an air traffic controller because just pushing a button to speak to an aircraft would take a lot of stress off of someone I would think. It would also fix the problems with pilots with accents and stuff like that.

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