Next Full Rework, which plane will be the lucky star?

As we know, IF has completed the full rework of 777 family in v20.2.

After the update, everyone seems to like the all new 777 family. You can see 777 everywhere.

So…next Full Rework, which plane will be the lucky star ?

What’s your opinion? Share your views in the Reply ~

Which is the next full rework ?
  • B747
  • B757
  • B767
  • A330
  • A340
  • MD-11 / DC-10
  • None of the above, reply below

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Hello! While that’s quite a nice list of aircraft you got there (and while I think it’s vital for our opinions to be shared), voting for reworked aircraft is the purpose of the #features category. Additionally, it isn’t for us to decide unless the devs ask for a community vote, similar to what they did for the 777.

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I’m hoping for a short haul plane this time, like the A220, ATR or ERJ rework.


I’m hoping for Philippe’s broom and Santa Claus’ sleigh so I won’t have to see those feature requests ever again.


Aww mate, you’d make my dreams come true

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I think we’ve seen too many widebodies get added/reworked. I think the “legacy” airplanes such as the F-18, C-17, etc. and older planes like the 757 and 717 should be reworked.

And the Cybertruck.

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Yeah, I know what you mean. I just want to simple discuss with everybody lol. I understand that update is not up to us ~

Elon Musk, can we get permission?

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I would really like the RQ-180 and MD-12 to be added

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Haha, I like A220, it’s a beautiful plane ~

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Embraer ERJ series because we don’t have a nice regional plane

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You are right, IF’s C-17 seems to be living in the last century lol

The CRJ family guess doesn’t count?

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