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So as my RDU event (Partnered with Delta Virtual! [17 attending] Raleigh-Durham Fly Out @ KRDU - 082100ZJUN19) is coming up, I’m deciding Nagasaki, Japan will be next! But after that, what should my next event be after Nagasaki?

  • Nagoya Chubu Centrair(Japan)
  • St. Louis-Lambert(USA)
  • Naha(Japan)
  • Brussels(Belgium)

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I am so far agreeing with the crowd.
I wanted both Brussels or Nagoya to win

Edit: Naha might take the lead

Want to join your next event since I can’t be @RDU

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Still don’t have the date tho

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Ok, can’t wait tho

St. Louis is taking the second place 🥈

I think its clear that Brussels is the winner

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