Next event

I am thinking of doing another event on the 9th of February at 1700Z. Who would be interested in joining and where should it be. Comment if you can come.

  • KSFO
  • KSMF
  • KBUR
  • EDDF

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If you have any other suggestions, leave a comment.

Please only vote if you are going to participate

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It will be on which server

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Man I live in Sacramento. Doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen this time but I would love to see an event originating here!

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Training. So people can ATC


I think KBUR is underserved, so i would go there, (also live pretty close, but I like KSNA more)

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I’m making a KBUR flyout right now :)

So I think KSFO will be the flyout! Hope to see all of you then!

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