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Hey IFC! I am going to plan an event soon and I need help deciding an airport. I want this event to be big and I want you guys to help me create it basically. Below are 2 polls that will close at 1600Z tomorrow.

  • KATL
  • KTPA
  • KMIA
  • KDCA
  • KCLT
  • KCHS
  • KJFK
  • KBOS
  • KDAB
  • KMYR
  • KDTW
  • KPIT
  • KMDW
  • KCVG
  • KMDT

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If there is another airport not on this list, feel free to reply with the airport ICAO you’d like (US only).

  • Have Gate Assignments
  • Don’t Have Gate Assignments

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Definitely KATL many gates and a very big airport imagine all the terminals taken!

DEFINITELY KDTW. It’s one of my home airports so I have a soft spot. There is a lot of gates. And while it is somehow still 2D it has routes to a lot of 3D airports

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Definitely training server

I haven’t yet seen a KPHX Event, I feel as if a Phoenix fly out would be pretty cool, with 2 airlines calling Phoenix their home (or hub) I think a fly out of Phoenix is highly needed!

It would be expert

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PANC or either of the Dallas airports would be cool

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Why so little at KTPA🥲

I think LFPG


Oh ok. Thanks, didn’t see that.

You’re all good!

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I think KSEA

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Atlanta, I love the airport and location

KATL with gate assignments event, coming soon!

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What server

Expert server. I’ll post the link here whenever I post the event

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