Next event airport ideas

  • KRDU
  • KPDX
  • KSTL

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Comment if you want to add other airports

Seems like RDU and STL are really popular

Why not more of eastern europe and south america? Not been explored yet.

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Well that’s because I did a poll and North America won

Ppl getting too comfortable with airports they know. Its not very adventurous

Yes, surprise them.

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Wow RDU was that popular

I deleted that for the suprise

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It’s there for 24hr :)

Lol yeah oof

Looks like it might be RDU

Can you make the event at 1500z on a Sunday? I can come if you do!

I might. I still haven’t chosen the date, time etc. The flyout location isn’t even chosen yet

You said KRDU! And I can prob only come 1500z Sunday

Nah I meant it looks like it’s going to be RDU but who knows, maybe someone will start spamming kstl

Looks like I’ll end this poll at 30

5 more votes!

Looks like STL made it to be equally against RDU

1 more vote!

Can someone vote the winning airport