Next community update

Not sure if I have to post this here or in #lounge ;-))

Guys, in approximately 3-4 months, Discourse are going to push an update.

There’s two news, one bad and one good.

I’m gonna to start with good news (always have a positive attitude 😀)

YES! We’re gonna to have finally an official Discourse app for IOS and Android! That’s cool isn’t it ?

Bad news, ;-(

Discourse have decided to :

Cancell the specific category moderator, for this update 😭 I hope that it will be added in the next update…

Good day all !


Some of us here already have the app 😏


Cuz you’re a beta tester for discourse

Can’t wait!

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No Category mods ?

Please add International Categories so we can speak in our first language!

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That means I can’t become a VA moderator! :( (If i ever did)

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