Next Challenge?

Hey mate, yeah I’d also be down for that sometime if you could PM about that it would be great.
Also what’s with the “one is the leading record” because I just looked and unfortunately your not coming first in any of the records?

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Look through the comments it’s right above my post of the route map. It’s not for the A320 family just the A320. The OP said they cant edit the post.

I’ve already done that multiple times, however I don’t know the keep climbing joke.

@anon70772274, how about fly at the airport of each capital of each country possible in IF?

What’s the difference between that and every country?

Fly to every airport in a smaller state… maybe start with Hawaii…

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More like Capitals…

Maybe all G7 or G8 member countries?

Or maybe all airports in the UAE? India? Muscat?

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Theyre long, but not enough. They are far from the other side of the world.

Land without gears on every public airport on the American Continent

Which Aircraft you will use ,is completely your discretion

This would be a challenge which if you could complete … would be a legendary one @Tsumia

I think that’s too much knowing the amount airports the area has.

Maybe all the public airports in SoCal Then ?

Too little. How about hand fly from London to Auckland the entire way?

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Fly to two airports in 2 different countries in 2 different continents

I call it the 2 challenge

do 100 touch and gos at one goal
and work your way to 1000

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Flying to every airport in a country sound like a good challenge. It would be long though if you did like USA or Canada but do one like Japan would be good

How about doing pole to pole stopping in every country on the way.
A bit like this.

You could always try and go back via the other side of the earth.

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World cities are not country capitals. Google it lol. They are classified as economic hubs. You could easily do top 10

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