Next Challenge?

Hey all, recently I became the first and only person on Infinite Flight to fly and land in every country in the world and while I was at it I also created the longest topic on the IFC. Having also broke/made the flight record for the Spitfire, SR22, TBM-930, Cessna, P-38, XCub, Dash 8, A320 family, Embraer E-jet family, Boeing 717, Boeing 737NG and Boeing 757 which helped me get into the 1 million XP club. I was wondering what other challenges I could do. I’ve got a few ideas if anyone can add a suggestion that would be great!

  • Fly and land in every US state.
  • Fly to every single continent in a row (I’ve only flown to six out of the seven ever).
  • Fly to all destinations from your favourite or hometown airport.
  • Fly 1 time around the world in a Cessna.
  • Fly to every airport in ___ country?
  • Fly to every airport in a certain country

Thank you all for your suggestions!


Fly to every airport 😂


Fly to all destinations from your favourite or hometown airport.


Fly to every world city (categorised by certain criteria but there is a fair few of them) and takeoff from the last one you landed at


fly 1 time around the world in a cesna


Fly Tangier to Whangarei, in the shortest range airliner you could do it on. Non stop.

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That would be an A380, 747 or 787z

Yeah no…

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Or fly Westray to Papa Westray, instead of taking the easy eastbound route, go the wrong way west.

The wrong way?
“Flights between Westray Airport and Papa Westray Airport occur daily in both directions, except on Saturdays, when only flights from Westray to Papa Westray are available”
I think I’ve done… never mind I have done both ways before multiple times in a C208.

I’m talking Depart Westray and fly to the airport slightly east of it, but fly west.
Or fly Papa Westray to Westray flying east.

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That’s not entirely doable and what’s your definition of a city

Dunno about the world, but in the UK, a city is any town that has a cathedral. Some tiny towns have cathedrals…

Fly to every airport in ___ country?

That’s a good idea! Thanks.
@max7777 yeah no, that would be impossible because of the number of cities, logistics and definition of a city.
@AExones yeah I like that idea as well. Thanks.
@Tsumia what’s your reason for choosing these random places? Oh and yeah I’ve done the worlds short commercial flight (both) ways many times.
@Infinite_Flight_Sims that sounds like a good progression challenge. Thanks.


It’s only 130 cities, many of which on the same continent

They are opportunities for insanely long flights, that’s why they hold significance.

Mate there’s already 195 countries and each one has a capital city which is already more than 130…?

but what about like London to Auckland, just seems that those two are random.

Ah, a fellow record holder I see. I’ve got 2 records for the A320 (One is the leading record ZR Second Contest Event [EXTENDED] - #7 by nincombop ) 717, E170 and a few others. As well as a 1-2 stop A320 flight from anywhere in North America to Brisbane.
I’d be down to do some small jet long hauls with you sometime. I’ve been looking to take an E190 trans Pacific (ANC-NRT).