Next Aircraft update

Many aircraft are going to eventually get updated and a few aircrafts have been updated and have real working physics, animation and 4K textures. Most air the planes fly well and are updated nicely. There are a few that the devs had not touched in a long time and those aircrafts need a rework badly. I hope the aircrafts can at least get reworked sometime this year than later as the aircraft has poor graphics,physics are not up to date and the plane does not fly well.

C-17 Globemaster
F/A Hornet

These two aircrafts severely need a update more badly than any other aircrafts in IF. Hopefully they can get updated by the end of 2018.

C-17 should have working doors, cockpit view, 4K textures and multiple liveries
F/A should have better cockpit quality and real working animation on wheel carriage.
Hopefully these planes are going to get reworked this year.

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FDS is currently going by what aircraft are flown the most for reworks.

Vote for the globe master Rework here:

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You can have a look at our #features section and share your vote in that section.

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I can see if the C-17 has graphics and physics are the same as the C-130 many people would be using it.

Please have a look at the thread linked by Daniel and many of the other great feature requests put together by community members. That’s the best way for everyone to show their support for something and maybe FDS has these things in mind. This year alone we’ve had 4 updates as well as some new additions added to their team. I think the best is yet to come honestly.