Next A310 visit to GLA

I know that air transets A310 went to Glasgow yesterday and I tried to see it when I drove past but it was no where to be seen so I looked for flight times to see when they were going to Glasgow next but couldn’t find anything. Does anyone know when the A310 is next going to GLA.

Remember you could always google things like this. 😉

Here you go though. Straight from Flightradar24.


Based on the scheduling, it seems like this flight only operates weekly. It has been operated by a mix of the A310 and A332 for the last few weeks.

Next week will be the A332. Perhaps it may switch to the A310 next week as equipment changes can happen at any time.


Is that only the A310s flights.

No, it seems like every flight on that route, however, you can click and see what aircraft is flying the route.

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How did you find it.

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I have that I just don’t know how to find the timetable for the flights.

It was mainly a mix of both aircraft. That’s how it’s been for the last few months. :)

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