Newtrent keyboard question

Is it possible to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to infinite flight or not

Yes you can, you need a Mac or PC and LiveFlight Connect

What about the live flight app on iPad

That’s something different. Live Flight Connect is a PC application. The Live Flight App is like FlightRadar24 for Infinite Flight.

My iPads already connected to the keyboard shouldn’t it just work on the infinite flight app

I have a Bluetooth keyboard with my IPad, it does not do anything, I don’t think you can use like ‘binds’ connected to for example ‘gear’ which is linked up to the letter ‘G’, that wouldn’t work unfortunately.

Thanks, Ben!

You have to manually map all the buttons to the keyboard, which can be done in settings- controlls
This works flawlessly on android, however I’m not so sure on the apple side of things

However if I remember correctly, typically it doesn’t save the keymapping, so you have to do it again each time. I wouldn’t recommend using a keyboard for your axis though, as it’s not an instant response, more delayed and gradual.

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