News window that show ongoing or officially planned events

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a small window with information about future or ongoing events? like the friday night fly in or the tuesday flights by david? Moderators could maybe even edit it and update it themselves in the game?
You could maybe even make it look like those arrivals and departures news boards at the airport: With the event name, the location (region and setver wise), the requirements, the time (in hours from now) and maybe even some extra notes, like expect waiting times at this airport)
What are your opinion guys?
You could add it here in my opinion (see pic)

Imagine you’re playing IF and in the menu you check the status and you see and youmre like: OMFG THERE’S A SWISS EVENT GOING ON IN ST MAARTEN and you join and have fun!


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Certainly would be useful for the live subscribers.

oh I didn’t notice that XD