News for the A320

People keep telling me that there will be new instruments and added liveries for the A320. However, I can’t find any news about this. Where can I find information?

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This was revealed through unofficial Instagram videos from Oshkosh. It hasn’t been officially announced yet by IF. Stay tuned for future information.

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If you head on over to Whitman Regional airport in Oshkosh WI, that is where you can take a look at these things. :P

Nah I’m JK, its on the demo Ipads, I tried it and its looking great so far! Keep in mind it is still in development.

I don’t get it so there making a A320

With working instruments

That would be correct

I wonder what new liveries they might be adding…

There are a number of posts in the timeline thread.


That’s awesome can’t wait to see new working instruments

Well yes but actually no… They took A350 instruments and put it in A320

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I would keep in touch with the official development timeline for more information.