NewLeaf Airlines Discussion

Here We Will Discuss the New Canadian Airlines, NewLeaf!
Heres Some basic Info.

Fleet- 5 Boeing 737-400’s Leased Form FlairAir
Sorry For Blurry Picture

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COME ON PEOPLE!!! Lets Get This Going

Looks cool

People will post if they are interested. Don’t beg for attention.


Seems like the typical low cost carrier to me. One type of aircraft, and only service airports with low landing costs.

well Winnipeg is a large airport, so the landing costs i presume would be quite high. when you look at most airports they serve, like Kamloops with Air Canada, and WestJet the only carriers serving the airport with flights to Vancouver, and Calgary.

yes, but they still have an LLC approach, even if they fly to an airport that has a moderately high landing cost. Note that they don’t fly to airports that have SUPER expensive landing costs such as Toronto, or Vancouver.

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What is the landing cost at KATL?

right. they wont even let you book on travel sites. only on there website.

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idk expensive

it gets expensive for a 737. $380.00 USD every time. if it landed 3 times a day, and in a week, it would cost an airline $10,640 USD!
now lets say your flying a 757, 5 times daily ATL-SEA. it shall cost you $16,800 USD

I’ve seen the airlines website and it seems like to me it’s a Canadian Southwest

its a mix of Southwest, and Ryanair

Do they have plans for more aircraft?

im not sure. i think they will just stick with the 734’s we were supposed to get another airline this month based out of Vancouver called Canada Jetlines. i dont think they’re going flying anytime soon tho.

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Here it says is a virtual airlines or a ticket reseller.

hmmm. did not know that

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