Newer Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330-300

I would love to see this livery in Infinite Flight!
Picture isn’t mine, Credits to Muhdizat
Share your opinions and thoughts about this livery!

Not to be confused with this request. This topic is requesting the all-blue font one and lighter “airlines” writings which got updated to A330 Fleet recently. While the one in the other topic is requesting the older one with blue and red font colouring scheme


The font coloring is very minor of a change


Looks good

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It’s just a slight change… :/

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Ok so this livery really needs more votes ppl

Was it really necessary to bump this up. Isn’t it better to ask a mod to close this one down and make a new one instead? 🤔

I like this livery and brought it up so people could see it. I don’t like creating duplicates!

It’s not a duplicate if you tell a mod to close this one first and then create a new one.

Further talk in PM thanks:)