Newcomers guide to Infinite Flight Live

How this sim works?

You have 3 servers:

*1) casual server, in this server you can start to familiarize yourself with planes, use only unicom so learn to use it, try to always give ads (plane xz taxing to runway x and all others). There are no violations but always try to be respectful towards others.

*2) training server: here ATC exists, usually people who are learning to use ATC, try to follow the instructions if you realize that the person who does the ATC does not do well, try to respect others and fly safely.

*3) expert server: To fly to this server you need 30000 xp, to know and respect the ATC, you must always follow the instructions, even when you think the controller is wrong (always make a screenshot when you think it is not right and contact The controller in question for explanation).


max taxi speed 35 knt
Max speed under 10000ft 250 kias
Max speed under 40000ft 550 GROUND SPEED - EXPERT SERVER-
(which changes depending on the height) around the forum there are many tutorials, lookups and watches’

Usually when you spawn in an airport with ATC active, the first contact is with GROUND, where you will ask for pushback and / or taxis for the x runway.

Once you have the taxi clearance, when approaching the runway switch the frequency with TOWER. (Do not request frequency change, we have already given it, “taxi to runway x, contact tower when ready”).

Once you reach the runway and contact TOWER, ask for a TAKEOFF if you want to go to another destination, but if you want to stay in the airport to do touch & go, ask REMANING IN THE PATTERN

(Always remember to stop before the hold short line)

The tower can respond in 3 ways:

    1. cleared for take off, you can take off immediately.
    1. line up and wait, get into the runway and wait for the takeoff clearance.
    1. hold short, wait before the hold short line.

(Strobe lights turn on before entering or crossing the runway)

. Once the controller tell you: FREQUENCY CHANGE APPROVED , you will have to change frequency immediately with any UNICOM (never still on that frequency).

While you are approaching an active TOWER airport, your request will be: plane xz INBOUND FOR LANDING.

the tower will give you the entry clearence / sequence/ (number 1 or 2 traffic to following is on r / l downwind / base / final) so you Follow the instructions and once you have the landing clearence you can land.

Once you have landing clearence do not give your position any more

if you want to do a touch and go, ask for inbound for touch and goes, you will receive (as before , Entry / sequence / clearence) cleared for the option, make left / right traffic.

What does it mean?

It means that after T & G you have to go left or right.

Once landed,the tower tells you: exit the runway and contact ground, you have to get out of the runway and contact ground frequency, not before you get rid of the runway, never stop on the runway, try to cross the hold line.

I hope this topic can help you,I’ll keep upgrading it, also adding how to behave with approach. Surely there are so many details to add, I will do.
Sorry if some things are incorrect, but English is not my first language.



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But you say English isn’t your first language- I mean only that many little errors is great for a person whose 1st language isn’t English . Good Job and nice informative piece of information.


Great information, Marcello. Will be useful for many. :)

For those who need further information or clarification on flying in Infinite Flight Live, you can also check a few topics in #tutorials:flight and #tutorials:atc - those are great resources if you’re trying to learn the ropes.


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nice job @MarcelloM


All good info @MarcelloM - if I could suggest maybe adding a quick section for basic approach frequency interaction? RV / FF / ILS


Thanks alot Marcello for the lovely guide. I wish this can be meaningful for those who are new with Live’s enviroment 😊

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Thanks for a useful post.

One suggestion: edit your post to make it easier to read; there are many simple things you can do to improve the readability of your post:

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Those are small things that really help make a post successful.


Nice one! Maybe it fits also in the tutorial category? I do also think it should be pinned.


thanks for letting me know!


Thanks, I tried to improve it, I do not have great confidence with the forum, I just wanted to do a post to simplify the experience for new users.

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Add that the 550GS restriction isnt there above 40,000 and only on expert


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