Not sure if there is pinned topic or not for newcomers but just stopping into say hello! Just joined the forum after I made my first full flight from takeoff to landing from Pittsburgh to Dulles D.C. It took me about a week to get a landing down after watching tutorials but I finally made it, and as weird as it may sound I had a huge rush pulling it off.
My aviation background is as a military maintainer so I’ve been around aviation for a bit, can’t wait to learn from you guys. Looking forward to seeing yall around !


Welcome to the forum! Infinite Flight is lucky to have such a great community of aviation enthusiasts. If you have an questions moving forward, check out some of the help topics, or feel free to reach out to active members.

Happy flying!


Welcome to the forums!

Check these things out:

Let me know if you need ANYTHING! I am always on and always here to help.

See you around,


Welcome! Glad to see you here!

Welcome! Us in the community will always be your aviation family

Nice to have you join us!

You couldnt have picked a harder aircraft to fly for your first one haha

Welcome to the Infinite Flight family! We’re so excited to have you here! I hope you have a nice time.
Feel free to DM me if you have any questions/comments/concerns or just want to talk!

Welcome to the forum! The IFC consists of some great avgeeks, or people that just love to fly! Feel free send me a PM if you have any questions, or wanna have a nice converstation!

Did you enjoy that MD-11 flight? I love that plane!

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Welcome to the community! Glad to have you here! If you have any questions about anything, feel free to hit me up with a PM.

Welcome to the form! If you need any help just pm me!!

Welcome to the fourm! It is always great to see that this community is expanding.

In fact I’m sure we will learn a lot from you to. This place is about having fun and helping others. :)

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Glad too have you apart of the IFC team mate have a good time

Welcome to the wonderfuland extremely helpful IFC community.

^ See that tag up there? We regulars are always here to help, being experienced members. Contact us if you need advice or basically anything along those lines.

Welcome to IF’s Paradise! 👍🏻


Have you gone through the new user tutorial? You can get to it by messaging @discobot

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Welcome aboard! Get settled in and enjoy!

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