Newcastle flyout

Ok Thankyou !


This is great but unfortunately this belongs in the #live:events category.

You are Basic (TL1), at the moment. Keep liking and posting and eventually you’ll get there!

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the event is in a week

Yes but if he wants to do a flight within three hours
He can post it in #live:groupflights

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He can change it

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yes the event is on April 25th

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Then you should wait until you’re TL2 before doing it.
If you’re not planning to change the time

What do i have to change the time to

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Within three hours of posting. Also it should be a flight, not a flyout

Ok thankyou for your help

That wouldn’t make any sense. The Op wants to do the event long after the 3-hour prerequisite.

Group Flight Pre-requisites

Event Thread or Group Flight Thread?

To keep it clear and remove as much confusion as to the differences between these, we have placed some restrictions on group flight topics. A group flight topic must adhere to the following rules:

  • Take place within 3 hours of being posted

Yes, since I am asking for his opinion if he wanted to reschedule it to three hours from now.

so if i reschedule for it in less than 3 hour i can keep it on here

You have to reach Trust Level 2 first. You are at TL1.

ok thankyou for your help

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No worries, and welcome. Good luck with your future events and group flights. You’ll get to Trust Level 2 in no time ;)

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It wont let me delete it

I’ve flagged it for closure for the Moderators. They’ll see it in a few :)

Thankyou :)

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Thanks everyone!