Newbie Troubles

Hey guys, new here to IF and definitely still learning the ropes. I was just curious if theres any known difficulties with running if on iPads. Troubles that I seem to be consistently having are as follows:

  1. Lack of terrain features visible on map
  2. Cannot sim to copy and paste flight plan from SIM brief into ( as per how its shown on the tutorial)
  3. When I preset my AP prior to flying, once I activate it, it will automatically adjust settings to outside the parameters I’ve set ( i.e speed set to 250kts for climb, engage AP then it changes to 297 causing me to overspeed )

Any help would be appreciated or directed to a topic that addresses my newbie troubles!

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Hello & welcome to the community!

Let me see if i can answer your questions:

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What tutorial are you referring to? Most of the times, SimBrief printouts are including airways and similar. IF doesn’t fully support airways right now.

This is by design. The A/P for speed and V/S can’t be set prior to flying, as it locks to the most current value when you activate it. So if you are flying 297kts when activating it, it will set to 297kts.


This has been removed with the update a couple months ago.

Could you please be more specific?

The only part of the autopilot that can be pre-set is the altitude part. Speed, V/S and heading are set to your circumstances at the moment of turning it on.

But yeah Seb beat me to it :p


If you want to preset your autopilot during takeoff, I recommend using autopilot for take off meaning set VS to your discretion and speed to your discretion and watch the airplane automatically take off (use flaps as wellI) wouldn’t do it though as it takes away the realism

Ok awesome thanks guys, I’ll try to be more specific with the sim brief and my apologies for the typo.

In the simbrief tutorial I watched from MarcelloM, once he creates his flight plan, and analyzes it, he copies the VOR/WP/Fixes from the Simbrief flight planning section, then pastes it in the search bar in IF. It seems when he does this it automatically plots the entire route which seems super convenient, however when I try to copy and paste it, although it pastes all the correct VOR/WP/Fixes into the search bar, it only actually plots a single route to a random VOR that is’t even labelled.

To give a specific example, I want to do a short flight from KSFO to KLAX using the SSTIK3 Airway ( I think thats what it is?) Which plots the route as " SSTIK3 EBAYE AVE SADDE6".

I click on Analyze route and it says it is valid, however upon copy and paste into IF, it simply routes KSFO on a direct route SE to an unnamed VOR just slightly NE of 36CN.

I also noticed that, in the tutorial when MarcelloM returns to IF and clicks on the search bar in IF to input the course, the search bar creates a pop up window that reads " Infinite Flight" but when I click it to input my info, it displays " Search Airports/Waypoints"

Even when I try to manually search for the validated route, there are some waypoints such as “ROM” that the search feature will not bring up.

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Hm, not 100% sure still what tutorial you are referring to. Can’t find any created by Marcello.

However, i think this one and the linked topics in it will help you:


What happens is that you have to copy and paste every single individual waypoint and VOR into the sim. Not the routing ID.

Check to SB tutorial that Seb linked to you below too.


I’ve studied that tutorial as well, and it’s very informative, however it still suggests to copy and paste the info string of the route and paste it into IF. It DOES give the disclaimer that some Waypoints or routes may not exists or could be on the other side of the world, so they may have to be adjusted to better suit your flight plan, however it also indicates that in his screenshot by showing errors in the “Analyze” section. When I input my routes, it says everything is valid, but yet even when I try to manually search the waypoints nothing comes up.

For reference, here is a link to the tutorial I am referring to.

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Okay, i think that what Marcello is showing can work some times to a certain degree. I never use that tbh. I just manually input the waypoints from the OFP.


As I said, you must scroll down and copy every single waypoint and VOR, not the route ID.

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Thank you, I’ll give that a shot and hopefully it’ll sort me out a bit!

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Message me if you need to learn to ropes. We can meet up at an airport and you can watch me fly.

Thanks for all the info!

Hi guys,no need to put all waypoints manually,you can just do copy and paste from SimBrief to search bar in IF,just pay attention,sometimes you get more waypoints so just delete the ones that you don’t need.


I’m sure you’ve also found out that not all of the waypoints from simbrief are in Infinite Flight. Here is an extremely useful tutorial if you want to go the extra step and convert unknown waypoints to coords in infinite flight :)

Click Me for Article :D

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Just to answer the question on copying the flight plans from Flight Sim (other flight planning tools are available) just to note that not all of the waypoints are loaded up yet on Infinite Flight, so after uploadeding a route you sometimes have fine tune and remove the odd waypoint and add some in.

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