Newbie Tips


Hello all,

I’m fairly new to this game and still learning. Are there any specific tips you can give me on what all the different buttons do and when to use them? I.E. trim, flaps, etc.

Thank you in advance.


Morning! Welcome to IF and IFC
there’s some great youtube videos that are out there, you can find videos here


Welcome welcome! That’s all from me at the moment :)


I recommend going into solo mode and practicing takeoffs, landings, and flying straight and level is a c172. Once you get comfortable, move up to bigger planes, and keep practicing.


Thank you!


Of course! If you have any specific related questions don’t hesitate to message me!


Thank you!


Thank you!


Lower flaps before you taxi
Turn off landing lights after 10,000 feet
Gear down within 5-8 nm of landing at airport depending on aircraft


Make sure you check out the #tutorials section of the forum to get started.

Those are some nice topics to read.


Welcome to the forum and infinite flight! To get better I suggest highly checking out tutorials on YouTube as they have a channel dedicated for tutorials.


Hello and welcome, take a look at the tutorials and as always feel free to PM me if you need help with anything 😃


Thank you!


You came to the right place and you asked the right question. This forum, with its very active community is a key part of the IF simulator.

In addition to what’s been said, I would like to point out a nice range of tutorial videos. Have a look: