Newbie- terrain and routes

How do I show terrain and routes in my map. Also can ap be set for night flight.a

Hi there.

  • Terrain was removed for performance reasons and may be added back at a later date in a future release.

  • Yes, you can use AP for an overnight flight. The key is to make sure you are not at the speed limit but well below. This will help reduce the chance of violations.


If you are having trouble and often run into terrain on approach I recommend a STaR

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Well, Mt. Everest, the highest mountain on earth, peaks to almost 30000ft. So fly higher and You’re good!

Great just got on and for some reason I have 6 violations and set back to 1. Why and how can I find out how this happened. I’m new at the game

If you go to your logbook you can find your flight. It will say “6 violations” if you press on that it will have a popup that tells you why.

The most common violations are:

  • Overspeeding - Exceeding the operational maximums of the aircraft. You can see this as the red dots on the speed tape.
  • Going above 250kts while below 10,000 feet.
  • Taxiing too fast on the ground over 35 ground speed.

Remember that the higher you go, the slower your airspeed needs to be. Setting auto pilot at 340kts is below the limit for 24k but once you hit 34k you will most likely be overspeeding depending on which aircraft you are in.

It gave me 6 violations in 2-3 minutes, should it be 3 or just 1? Doesn’t make sense. How do I get back to level 2

There is a warning followed by violation every 20 seconds.

You need more landings and to wait a few days and you will be back.

the peak of Mt. Everest in IF seems to sit at 26916ft


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