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greetings from Germany. I am happy to join infinite flight, although it is very expensive for an app. I am still try to figure out, what is going on. I saw yesterday, that there are different server for different skills. Great! But 25 landings with only 1 hour of flying is a rather high entrance fee. Especially if you are flying in single player mode. Why are there no connections between these two mods? It sounds strange, but I am not that happy to get again 25 landings to join the training server, although I flew hours in single player mode. Real life time is rare.

And of course I really want to join all the community events…and have fun :-)

Next to that: Is something known about the new A 350 ? Maybe in the next time?

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Welcome to IFC mate
The reason it is hard to get to these servers is because we want players to get used to the game before they fly with experienced players
Also the A350 is currently unknown

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Hey there! Welcome to the community! It gets progressively harder for the servers as said above but if you want to hop in the conversation on the A350, here is a link! Enjoy!

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The ideas is that on the casual server you familiarize yourself with the interface and start to do some patterns. Take off, circle around, and land again. The skill it takes for landing is much higher than cruising on auto pilot so the landing requirement is higher.

Once you dedicate some time to the casual server and build up your stats you can then join the training server where you can talk with ATC and experience higher traffic loads. It is up to you if you want to fly in busy areas or stay off to a quiet place. Keep in mind that both players and controllers are still learning so you may run into a pilot going the wrong way or a controller giving the wrong command. It is all part of the learning process.

Please check out the #tutorials category as there is a wealth of tutorial posts and videos for you to start your journey.

Have fun!


I am afraid, that the first time I join the “expert server” I made so many mistakes that they shut down my plane :-)

Also with ATC support is a huge step!? Is it like “real world” ATC with routes and all that or “just” airport support? Are people talking to each other ?

Thank you all for your answers !

You plan your flight like normal but if your airport has ATC you follow their commands. It is not free text.

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Sounds great :-) Happy to do so !!

Welcome to Infinite Flight and the IFC!


Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community, the best place to be for everyone interested in aviation! Feel free to scroll through the different threads here, I’m sure the #features category is the most interesting category for you, as mentioned above, you can vote for your most favorite feature there. In case of any questions feel free to DM me, gerne auch auf Deutsch. :)

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Is there a special area for German speaking players ?
Gibt es einen speziellen ,Bereich‘ für deutschsprachige Spieler ?

Welcome to the Simulator and the Community!

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Welcome to the community and welcome to the IF mobile sim.
Yes, it’s serious money, but once you fully grasp what you get for your money, I’m sure you find it money well spent.

Here’s more on this forum:

Using IF in (just) solo mode, is great for learning how to fly, takeoff, approach and land. In Live mode, on Casual server a new world opens as suddenly you’re not alone anymore. Here the realism of flying is taken a big step forward, where you learn to be on an airport and in the sky with other pilots. The cool part about Casual is that you can’t get violations. You can taxi and fly as fast as you want, do loops, all without violations. This changes on the Trainining server. In this learning environment you need to stick to the basic rules; if not you’ll get violations.

Observing these rules above, will stop you from getting violations. I recommend you make it your personal goal to keep the violations counter to 0. That would make you quite unique by the way 😉 Remember, violations are generated by the IF system; they get never reset back to 0. As you get further in this game, you’ll discover that getting violations is not something you want.

On Training server your world changes again, as you will have airports with live air traffic controllers. Ground, Tower, Approach and Departure controllers all have their specific role to guide pilots. As everywhere, you find here serious players who want to learn, and less serious players, who are just there to have a bit of fun. The choice is up to you.

I recommend you check out the #tutorials section. There’s so much to learn about aviation there, and on specific stuff for IF.

If you ever have questions, search this forum. There’s a good chance you find answers there. If not, feel free to ask! You’ll find heaps of very helpful people here.


Ehmm Lufthansa Virtual is my best recommendation :P

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Nice ! Think you a lot !

As of now there is no certain category for German threads but maybe there’ll be one in the future. French and Spanish also have their own categories.

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