Newbie in Aviation

Just kidding, but seriously to some extent, haven’t really been in the aviation scene for about a year and really my interest just got back to me again. So anyone has any ideas on where to start? I’m also quite interested in the operations of flying!
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There is a sim on the App Store… I think it’s called infinite flight or something like that. I hear it’s pretty acurate


Take a discovery flight

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I’ve always been really into aviation but got bit by the aviation bug a few years back. What I’ve done while being a college student is build as much aviation knowledge without really spending much money as I could. I’ve spent hundreds of hours watching videos, reading all sorts of things like the AIM and have the pilots handbook app on my phone, taken free online ground schools, and watched people training both in the world and in sims. I think the next (long over-due) step would be to take a discovery flight and get the sensations of going up in a small plane and truly seeing what it’s like to aviate first hand!

The best way to get into flying is to learn to fly gliders! It’s relatively cheap because they don’t use gas, you don’t need a medical certificate to start flying, and, if you’re planning to become an airline pilot, up to half of the 1500 hours you need can be in gliders! Even if you’re planning to just be a recreational pilot, the skills you’ll learn from gliding will help you be a better, safer pilot overall.

EDIT: Every glider also has a nice plexiglass canopy, so you’re guaranteed to feel like you’re flying a fighter jet. Find out more about soaring and where you can get involved at

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