Newbie IF flight plan question

Hi all
i just started using IF my first simulator ever. I have a 2 questions about flight plan:

  1. Why do people add waypoint, in other words why cant we go just direct from airport to airport instead of adding the waypoints.
  2. Why would you select a certain waypoint and not select the other.


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Hello & welcome to both the forum and Infinite Flight!

We have a great tutorial section here on the forum, and i think this topic with the included Youtube video might help you out:

You can find more useful tutorials by following this —> #tutorials


Going direct to an airport will be difficult, as sometimes you will be going into conflicting traffic ect. Using waypoints, you can plan your journey following traffic and setting yourself up correctly for the approach into the airport of your choice.
This video will help your understanding. It’s ok the Infinite Flight official channel.


Ok thank you for your reply. But still what confuses me is that waypoints are scattered all the way and next to each other so what is the criteria of selecting the waypoints in FL.

It just gives you a more realistic and accurate. Filing a flight plan which goes directly to the airport isn’t good to follow. It can set you up better for an approach. There are no guidelines to Flight planning you can do what you want ! It’s simply for you to follow ;) Hope that’s what you’ve been after :)

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Exactly, i assumed there is a technical reason to select waypoints but it seems it is only for adding realism and preparing for a better approach.

Thank you all


Question answered and op seems happy :)