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Hi! I’m looking for a good virtual reality capable flight simulator–that could replace X-PLANE 11.

Since I’ve never seen IF in operation–I wonder if this is possible? If so, please tell me that this simulator isn’t chocked full of problems like XP11?

Hi, Infinite Flight doesn’t support VR as of yet. Your best bet is to use Smoothtrack, which tracks movements of your head inside the cockpit with quite good accuracy actually. As for problems, Infinite Flight has it’s bugs as any software does, but over the years I’ve been playing it I’ve only found a couple of small ones and nothing major, which speaks to the quality control.

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I believe they are wondering of IF is VR capable

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Infinite Flight is not a replacement for XP11. IF is on mobile, therefore it doenst have many features X-Plane has, such as clouds, 3D Buildings, Lightning, Intercative cockpits etc

BUT it is a great sim with a massive community, and I highly recommend it.

And no, it’s not full of bugs :)


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