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Apologies in advance if this seems a basic question. Up until now (using other sims) I’ve only flown prop GA VFR to various destinations.

In IF I very much like the Citation so I want to use this to do some round the world flying. I also want to do this as realistically as possible even though I’m only at level 2.

So, my question is, using charts and flight plans what do I use? I can use charts to work out the commercial routes but can I use those too, or can I fly more direct routes but pick out key chart nav aids as my way?

I’m only just getting into charts and more realistic navigation so any help or direction to the right areas much appreciated.

Definitely checkout and

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Hey there!

I believe that you’re asking is for flight planning and charts, correct?
If so, use and for this! I use it a lot, and so do others.

You don’t have to use Charts, sids and stars, but they would improve your realism a lot.

If you need help reading charts, check out this topic.

If you need help reading and using sids and starts, check out this topic!

We look forward to seeing you in the skies!


Hey Dazzy!

There are no such things as basic questions, feel free to ask any questions you have on the forum and someone will guide you in the right direction.

If you are unsure how to read departure charts or approach charts, have a look at this tutorial (made by a real-life pilot): How to read an approach chart..?

If you want to plan your flights using a realistic flight-planner (it includes things like step climbs as well as selecting SIDs and STARs based on your departure/arrival). Check this tutorial on how to use Simbrief here:


Hey, thanks for this. I’ve used Skyvector before but I’ll give Simbrief a look over.

I’ve looked at both of the topics above and they are VERY useful - so much so I’ve used the approach guide already.

Which actually answers part of my question. The other part is:

How do I decide the main nav route to use for GA? Is it mainly a case by case choice or is there a method?

Ie. I’ve practiced using the details listed in the approach guide for getting me from Doncaster (EGCN) to Dublin (EIDW). The approach to Dublin worked great using charts from IAP Ireland site, but I basically plotted my route direct to the first NAV (LAPMO) on that chart from EGCN flying West at 12500ft (using E/W cruising altitude) until I got there.

Should I have plotted through specific NAVs to get to LAPMO or doesn’t it matter for GA so long as you file the flight plan?

Sorry if this is a PITA newbie question.


Well, if you are flying VFR there is really no need to file any flight plan. If you want to use SIDs/STARs then you can file direct to LAPMO. Although I’m not sure how to find en route airways, they could be useful.

By the way, this is most definitely not a newbie question. Compared to what I’ve seen here before, your questions are great.


Thanks Will.

Yeah, I’ve flew VFR before but this was more about longer journeys, higher up than I would normally fly. I’m guessing that GA doesn’t use commercial airways as such so was just wondering how it all works.

I’m pretty much LOVING the IF experience though - even if I do always seem to fly my worst on the training server! Lol

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There arn’t really “commercial” airways (this info is USA focused, internationally things change slightly depending on where you go), just ones above FL180 (like J and Q) and ones below (like V)

There’s nothing stopping anyone in say a private jet from following a commercial jet (as long as they maintain separation, they can’t follow super close).

Lets take a look at a recent flight of Stevo1Kinevo (or at least his usual plane)

He flew from 0A9 to KOPF via SUG SPA CRG OMN MLB BLUFI . It doesn’t directly list any airways in his filed flight plan, but when you chart it out, on say skyvector or navigraph charts. He actually follows airways for large parts of his route.
the path from 0A9 to SUG pretty much joins with the airway V35 (the V means it’s a low altitude airway based on a VOR radial), then goes direct to spa, which overlaps with V53. The long leg to CRG doesn’t match up with anything as far as I can tell, but then CRG to OMN then MLB all matches up with some J and Q airways (high altitude airways, with J being based on VOR radials and Q being RNAV (mostly GPS, but can be other systems) based) that also have V airways underneath.

Did he directly follow these airways? No, but you can clearly see how he used them to plan his route.
Start and end of his route

Another example, a private jet who flew into the same airport. Until he got near florida and the gulf of mexico, he mostly just went from point to point not following or mirroring airways, but once he got down there, he clearly (as listed in his flight plan) flew a J airway until he joined a STAR to get to the airport.

Basically… to make a realistic flightplan use fixes, but you don’t HAVE to use airways (but you sure can!) , and do try to use SIDS and STARS ( STARS in particular are nice because usually tell you what height to be at at their waypoints, doing some of your descent planning for you), but something else to lookout for is that some SIDS and STARS are intended for specific types of aircraft, that CYY1 star that jet flew into OPF is only available to jets (basically read the charts before deciding any sid or star is right for your flight)

You can generally copy flight plans off of that site (flightaware) and then stick them in fpl2if to add in any fixes infinite flight might be missing (but again, do look over the charts on say skyvector for altitude and other restrictions)

Sorry about the wall of text, but flight plans are such a broad topic!


Thanks. Wall of text is fine! Lol. I think that about answers it now though - and following all the advice above (and using all the links suggested) I am now enroute to Dublin using a flight plan generated - 30mins to arrival in the Citation. Now all I gotta do is land without veering off and getting a speeding violation… lol

Ps The STARS topic overview has helped my approaches fantastically!!

Great community! Thanks everyone!

Pps crashed on landing… again…


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