Newark to Mumbai in the 777-300ER

Welcome to my first screenshot post! Since I am relatively new to IFC, this images aren’t that good, but I hope you enjoy anyways! These images might have been slightly modified before posting…

Server: Expert Server
Date: June 29th, 2022
Flight Time: 14h 19m
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Callsign: Air India 144B Heavy

  1. Pushing back from the gate

  2. Ready for departure at Runway 22R

  3. Takeoff!

  4. Cruising somewhere over east Afghanistan

  5. Starting descent to a very busy Mumbai!

  6. Getting vectored around somewhere southeast of the airport due to heavy traffic

  7. Seconds before touchdown on Runway 27 at a foggy Mumbai (I slammed it hard)

  8. Arrived at the gate!

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Only if that door wasn’t open due to a bug! Ruined a perfect photo! 😡

Yikes, I noticed and tried to hide it and still failed! Ruined a perfect photo indeed, unfortunately.

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