Newark to Cape Town 787-9 United

Hey there IFC, This flight happened about 1 week ago when I was streaming. Enjoy the Pics

Route: Newark(KEWR to Cape Town(FACT)
Flight time: 13 hours and 37 mins
Aircraft: United 787-9
Server: Training

At the Gate with @Jay003 and Captain potato go sub to His channel’s he just hit 500 subs
Captain Potato is the 777 200 LR

And were off the ground to Cape Town 13 hours left Byeeeeee New York!!! Fun Fact I live in NYC Cruisin With some snacks from the Flight Crew
Posted near the clouds Did I use the word correctly(Posted) Descending after 13 hours and 10 mins

After 13 hours and 37 mins of flying, We have finally touched down with a smooth butter in Foggy Cape Town
Exiting the rwy for Jay, Potato left early lol
And were Parked at the gate Jay didn’t have the beta so he didn’t park in the buildings

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And that’s it, Hopefully you enjoyed it These photos were not edited. Cya Later!
P.S. Shoutout to Potato and Jay for flying with me there the first people to fly with me on a long haul


Really cool pictures! Very nice to see some of the new features such as the clouds and buildings included. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks the Buildings and clouds sure are amazing and no problem!

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Lovely pictures

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Thank You!

Very nice pictures

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Thank you I totally appreciate it