Newark to Auckland

I had finally attempted one my longest hauls yet head out of the new 3D Airport Newark heading southwest to Auckland International. This took me around 18 hours and 25 minutes to be completed. It was a really fun flight even though I was traveling in the dark for the most part but I was still able to catch that beautiful sunrise at Auckland.

Route: KEWR to NZAA.
Flight Time: 18 hours and 25 minutes.
Inital Altitude: 30,000ft.
Final Crusing Altitude: 38,000ft.
Boeing 777-300er All Black Air New Zealand.
Expert Server.

Loading up at Terminal B Gate B56 at Newark International.

Foggy Departure on runway 4L.

Climbing out of Newark heading to my inital crusing altitude of 30,000ft.

Beautiful sunset over the United States of America.

Turning for the final approach to Auckland International with a beautiful sunrise in the background.

Some decent amount of traffic waiting for their departure out of Auckland.

Landing safely after accomplishing my 18 hour and 25 minutes flight.

Slowly taxing to my International Terminal gate right beside the newly Juneyao 787-9.

Offloading cargo and passengers at the International Terminal Gate 8.

P.S: This is not a real route that Air New Zealand flies but more of a fun one that I was interested in doing.


Cool screenshots man!

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Noice! I didn’t know that the 777 can fly so far.

Well i did had to depart with a full tank. And with the help of the winds i was able to maximize the fuel efficiency of the 777.

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Nice shots!


Perfect clicks!

I’m surprised it’s the B77W and not the B77L, even with the winds lol

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What can I say I was lucky lol. When I was flying over America I was was in the red for fuel but once i was over the Pacfic everything turned out fine.