Newark Liberty Spotting

Hello IFC. Yesterday I got my mom to take me to Newark and I stayed there for a few hours. This trip was a lot of firsts for me. I saw my first 787-10, my first A330NEO, and my first time seeing one of Uniteds 777-300ER’s. Here are some of my pictures. Tell me which ones are your favorite.


All your Picture is my Fav!!
Especially 787-10/777-300ER
Edit: And Nice for sharing
Keep it Up !!


Maybe next time try spotting in a location with less clutter!


I don’t see any neo, just the legendary A330

Why trying to shoot through the cables tho?

Looks like it didn’t load it. I just updated it so it should be there now.

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TAP haha, such a beauty
I prefer the A332 tho 😜

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the A332 is probably my favorite aircraft rn

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Roasted! Wow

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Obviously the Lufthansa 747-8😂


I like the second picture. it’s so fly by wire 😉


Not meant to be a roast, just some constructive criticism.

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