Newark Liberty International Airport Flyout @ KEWR - 082000ZFEB20

Hello everyone!

I’ve been working over the past few days to bring you the third flyout event that I have made. I’ve done DFW and LHR, and now it’s time to move away from OneWorld and on to the Star Alliance! This event is rather far in the future, but I wanted to get it out here early. Airports that haven’t had a major flyout are hard to find, so here I am!

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Before I get into it, check out my other event that is on January 11th!


About Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Airport, located in the state of New Jersey, is currently the busiest airport in the New York/metropolitan area. (JFK has more passengers). When Newark opened in 1928, it was the first major airport in the area. For 11 years, it held the title as the busiest commercial airport in the world. In 1970, Newark opened two new terminals and increased it’s traffic loads dramatically. Boasting over 46 million passengers served in 2018, EWR has flights from over 30 airlines to hundreds of destinations around the globe. With all this traffic, it is only fitting to host a flyout!

Server: Expert

Airport: KEWR/EWR - Newark Liberty International Airport

Time: 2020-02-08T20:00:00Z (Saturday)

Please be respectful of other aircraft
Follow all Expert Server Procedures
Use Unicom frequency to communicate aircraft movements
Stay aware of your surroundings!

I am not responsible for any ghosts/violations that are obtained before, during, or after the event.

Charts and Pre-event Planning

Similar to previous flyouts, I will create group messages with pilots a few days before the event. In these messages, charts will be provided. This is where all event coordination and communication will take place.

Here are some helpful maps to view before signing up.

Ground Layout Chart

Terminal Map



Infinite Flight does not have every aircraft livery. If I made substitutions for aircraft, I note it in parentheses.

I used data from multiple sources to find accurate flights and aircraft. If you see any issues with the thread, please PM me! I’d be glad to fix them.

I tried to avoid repeating flights, but I had to make some exceptions.

If you would like to fly a route that is not on the list, just let me know! If it is a realistic route, I will substitute it for another route.

I am aware that not every gate is used for departures, but to maximize possible space, I have made every gate available.

Sign Up

When signing up, please leave your gate number and terminal for me. This will help me in case there are multiple flights to the same destination.

If you would like a flight that is already taken, let me know and I can accommodate.


Terminal A

CRJ-200 Routes should be using the United Express livery.

Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Pilot
Air Canada ERJ-175 CYYZ - Toronto Gate 14
JetBlue Airbus A320 KPBI - West Palm Beach Gate 15 @CaptainZac
JetBlue Airbus A320 KRSW - Fort Myers Gate 16A
JetBlue ERJ-190 KBOS - Boston Gate 16B
JetBlue Airbus A320 MDST - Santiago de los Caballeros Gate 17
Air Canada Boeing 787-9 (Sub -8) CYVR - Vancouver Gate 18 @GPilot118
United CRJ-200 (Sub E145) KBUF - Buffalo Gate 20
United CRJ-200 (Sub E145) KPWM - Portland Gate 20B
United CRJ-200 (Sub E145) KSYR - Syracuse Gate 21
United CRJ-200 (Sub E145) KCLE - Cleveland Gate 22
United CRJ-200 (Sub E145) KDCA - Washington Gate 23
United CRJ-200 (Sub E145) KRIC - Richmond Gate 24
United CRJ-200 (Sub E145) CYQB - Quebec Gate 25
United CRJ-200 (Sub E145) KCVG - Cincinnati Gate 26
United CRJ-200 (Sub E145) KIND - Indianapolis Gate 27
United CRJ-200 (Sub E145) CYOW - Ottowa Gate 28
Alaska Boeing 737-900 KPDX - Portland Gate 30
Alaska Boeing 737-900 KSFO - San Francisco Gate 31
Alaska Boeing 737-900 KLAX - Los Angeles Gate 32
Alaska Boeing 737-900 KSJC - San Jose Gate 33
American Airbus A321 KPHX - Phoenix Gate 34 @Luke_Sta
American Airbus A321 KCLT - Charlotte Gate 35
American Boeing 737-800 KMIA - Miami Gate 36 @Captain_T_Malone
American Boeing 737-800 KORD - Chicago Gate 37
American Boeing 737-800 KDFW - Dallas Gate 38 @ButterAllDay
American Boeing 737-800 KDFW - Dallas Gate 39 @iiExTReME

Terminal B
Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Pilot
Spirit Airbus A320 KMSY - New Orleans Gate 40
Spirit Airbus A320 MDSD -Santo Domingo Gate 41A
Delta CRJ-900 KMSP - Minneapolis Gate 41B
Delta Boeing 737-800 KSLC - Salt Lake City Gate 42 @TheDeltaFlyerr
Delta Boeing 737-800 KATL - Atlanta Gate 43 @CarlosFunes
Delta CRJ-900 KDTW - Detroit Gate 44
Delta CRJ-700 KCVG - Cincinnati Gate 45
Delta ERJ-170 KBOS - Boston Gate 46A
Delta CRJ-700 KRDU - Raleigh-Durham Gate 46B @bouncy_butter
Porter Dash 8 Q400 CYYZ - Toronto Gate 47
Spirit Airbus A320 KLAS - Las Vegas Gate 51 @Sam73628
Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340 EGLL - London Gate 52 @ThomasThePro
Air India Boeing 777-200LR (Sub 300ER) VABB - Mumbai Gate 53
Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 EDDF - Frankfurt Gate 54 @A350iscool
Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900 WSSS - Singapore Gate 55 @Doonies
El Al Boeing 787-10 (Sub -9) LLBG - Tel Aviv Gate 56 @Manav_Suri
Swiss Airbus A330 LSZH - Zurich Gate 57
Emirates Boeing 777-300ER LGAV - Athens Gate 60 @Vignesh_S
Emirates Boeing 777-300ER OMDB - Dubai Gate 61
Singapore Airbus A350-900 WSSS - Singapore Gate 62 @Speedyyy
Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER (Sub A359) VHHH - Hong Kong Gate 63 @TaipeiGuru
SAS Airbus A330 ENGM - Oslo Gate 65 @axeand
Air China Boeing 787-9 ZBAA - Beijing Gate 66
Allegiant Airbus A320 (Sub A319) KVPS - Destin Fort Walton Beach Gate 67
Icelandair Boeing 757-200 (Sub 763) BIKF - Reykjavik Gate 68A

Terminal C
Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Pilot
United ERJ-170 KATL - Atlanta Gate 70
United Boeing 737-900 KDEN - Denver Gate 71
United Boeing 737-700 KRDU - Raleigh-Durham Gate 72
United Boeing 737-900 TNCA - Oranjestad Gate 73
United Boeing 757-200 KLAX - Los Angeles Gate 74
United Boeing 777-200ER KIAH - Houston Gate 75 @BadPlane
United Boeing 737-900 KORD - Chicago Gate 80
United Boeing 757-200 KIAH - Houston Gate 81
United Airbus A320 MYNN - Nassau Gate 82
United ERJ-170 KPIT - Pittsburgh Gate 83 @Tyler_Cehelsky
United Boeing 757-200 KSFO - San Francisco Gate 84
United Airbus A320 (Sub A319) KBNA - Nashville Gate 85
United Boeing 737-800 KFLL - Fort Lauderdale Gate 86
United Boeing 737-900 KLAS - Las Vegas Gate 87
United Boeing 737-800 KBOS - Boston Gate 88 @Lil_Seedy_Boi
United Boeing 767-300 TJSJ - San Juan Gate 90W
United Boeing 757-200 KMCO - Orlando Gate 92
United Boeing 737-700 MMMX - Mexico City Gate 94
United Boeing 737-800 KTPA - Tampa Gate 95
United Boeing 737-900 KPHX - Phoenix Gate 96
United Boeing 737-900 KATL - Atlanta Gate 97
United Airbus A320 KAUS - Austin Gate 98
United Airbus A320 KCHS - Charleston Gate 99
United Airbus A320 KMSY - New Orleans Gate 101 @dan1
United Boeing 777-200ER (Sub 300ER) ZSPD - Shanghai Gate 102W @FrancescoM
United ERJ-170 KEYW - Key West Gate 103 @NYFLFlyer22
United Boeing 737-800 KRSW - Fort Myers Gate 104
United ERJ-170 KSAT - San Antonio Gate 105
United Boeing 737-700 KSAV - Savannah Gate 107
United Boeing 777-200ER (Sub 300ER) RJAA - Tokyo Narita Gate 108W @Pingu
United Boeing 767-300 (Sub -400) PHNL - Honolulu Gate 110W
United Boeing 787-10 EBBR - Brussels Gate 111W
United Boeing 767-300 LSZH - Zurich Gate 112W
United Boeing 757-200 KSAN - San Diego Gate 113
United ERJ-170 KDCA - Washington Gate 114
United Airbus A320 KPBI - West Palm Beach Gate 115 @757fan
United Boeing 767-300 LIMC - Milan Gate 120W
United Boeing 787-10 LFPG - Paris Gate 122W
United Boeing 787-10 EIDW - Dublin Gate 123W @Altaria55
United Boeing 737-700 KSNA - Santa Ana Gate 124
United Boeing 787-10 EDDF - Frankfurt Gate 125W @aviation6
United Boeing 737-700 KCLT - Charlotte Gate 126W
United Boeing 757-200 SPJC - Lima Gate 127
United Boeing 767-300 EHAM - Amsterdam Gate 128W
United ERJ-170 KOMA - Omaha Gate 130
United Airbus A320 KIAD - Washington Gate 131
United Boeing 767-300 LSGG - Geneva Gate 132W
United Boeing 737-900 TJBQ - Aguadilla Gate 133
United Boeing 777-200ER VHHH - Hong Kong Gate 134W @Captain_JR
United Boeing 767-300 EDDM - Munich Gate 135W
United Boeing 737-800 KMIA - Miami Gate 136
United Airbus A320 KDFW - Dallas Gate 137
United ERJ-170 KMSP - Minneapolis Gate 138
United Boeing 757-200 TIST - St. Thomas Gate 139 @UnitedGuy19
United CRJ-200 (Sub E145) KALB - Albany Gate 130W @DanielVitiello
United CRJ-200 (Sub E145) KGRR - Grand Rapids Gate 130X
United CRJ-200 (Sub E145) KSDF - Louisville Gate 130Y
United CRJ-200 (Sub E145) KORF - Norfolk Gate 130Z

FedEx Cargo

FedEx feeder routes are excluded.
FedEx Stand = FedEx Express Cargo Stand

Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Pilot
FedEx MD-11F (Sub A300) KATL - Atlanta FedEx Stand 1
FedEx MD-11F (Sub A300) KBOS - Boston FedEx Stand 2
FedEx DC-10F (Sub 752) KORD - Chicago FedEx Stand 3
FedEx MD-11F (Sub A300) KGSO - Greensboro FedEx Stand 4
FedEx MD-11F KMEM - Memphis FedEx Stand 5
FedEx Boeing 777-200F (Sub 763) LFPG - Paris FedEx Stand 6
FedEx DC-10F (Sub 752) KIAD - Washington Dulles FedEx Stand 7
FedEx Boeing 777-200F (Sub 763) KLAX - Los Angeles FedEx Stand 8
FedEx DC-10F KPIT - Pittsburgh FedEx Stand 10
FedEx Boeing 777-200F (Sub 763) EGSS - London Stansted FedEx Stand 11
FedEx DC-10F KMEM - Memphis FedEx Stand 12
FedEx Boeing 777-200F KIND - Indianapolis FedEx Stand 13
FedEx DC-10F KDTW - Detroit FedEx Stand 31
FedEx MD-11F (Sub A300) KABE - Allentown FedEx Stand 33
FedEx DC-10F (Sub 752) KMHT - Manchester FedEx Stand 34
FedEx MD-11F (Sub A300) KSWF - Stewart FedEx Stand 35
FedEx DC-10F (Sub 752) KONT - Ontario FedEx Stand 40

UPS Cargo

I did skip some spots. There were not enough routes, and I had already duplicated enough routes.

Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Pilot
UPS MD-11F KONT - Ontario UPS Stand 1
UPS MD-11F KRFD - Chicago Rockford UPS Stand 3
UPS MD-11F (Sub A300) KCLE - Cleveland UPS Stand 5
UPS Boeing 757-200 KSDF - Louisville UPS Stand 7
UPS MD-11F KSDF - Louisville UPS Stand 9

Flight Information

I didn’t know all of these routes from the top of my head! Here are the sources that I used.



EWR Logo
Terminal Map
Taxiway Chart

Airport Info

EWR Information

Thanks so much for checking out my event! I hope you consider signing up. We have plenty of routes from 30 minutes to 15+ hours! I tried to pick a time that worked for the majority. US pilots can do medium-haul routes, while those in Europe can start overnight flights! It is a Saturday after all.

Have a great day/evening, enjoy your holidays, and I’ll see you in the skies!


I can’t wait for this awesome event! Let’s ignore the airport’s reputation and instead focus on this amazing event that @Will_A has organized for us! ;)


Hehe! It may not be a good airport on the inside, but these routes are awesome! So many places to explore.


Great event @Will_A! 🙂


Terminal c gate 130W

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I’ll take an American airlines gate to Phoenix please!

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@DanielVitiello and @Luke_Sta you’re signed up, thanks :)

Edit: @Speedyyy yes! I added that gate twice because it’s popular 😀

Edit 2: @TaipeiGuru you’re signed up!

Edit 3: @A350iscool you’re signed up.


Can i have this please? Also, if the A350 is out can i use that?

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Terminal B, gate 63 for me, please!

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This one please!

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I’ll take terminal C, gate 115.

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You’re signed up @757fan!

Edit: @UnitedGuy19 you’re signed up

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I want this plz UVAL is most likely to sponsor this

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United ERJ-170 KPIT - Pittsburgh Gate 83
Going to Pittsburgh

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@Tyler_Cehelsky you’re signed up!

Can I have this gate?

@BadPlane you’re signed up :)

Edit: @CarlosFunes you’ve been signed up. Thanks!

Edit 2: @Lil_Seedy_Boi welcome aboard!

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Sign me up! DL 737-800 to Atlanta. Thanks sir

Can I get this gate please? (first time trying a long haul flight in a event!)

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awsome! can’t wait

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