Newark (EWR) I-95 South NJ Spotting

Passing by Newark Airport and happened to see some planes on approach. I believe this is a United 777-300ER. If it’s not, let me know!


Yeah that’s a United B772 then ;)

Nice photo btw

UA hasn’t taken delivery of their 77Ws I thought. Looks a bit short to be one anyway. I’d guess it’s a -200/ER

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It looks very equal tbh…

I’d pull over to the side of the road until a cop tickets me to spot there!

Wait, they’re getting 77W?!

Here’s a few more shots, maybe this will help.

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10, ultimately

There is an Ikea or Toys R Us parking lot adjacent to the I-95 but security guards patrol there and tell spotters to bug off. I’d really like to tell them to f _ c _ off but then they’d call big brother PAPD and that’s not good. And it gives spotters a bad name. So don’t do it. EWR doesn’t have much variety or appeal to spotters and what you get isn’t worth the wait, effort, and trouble. Best stick with JFK and LGA

Best airport ever :D. Nice pics

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