Newark-Aruba | United 737-900

Hey Infinite Flight Community! This is my 1st post so it may not be best but I tried! Anyways this flight is an actual flight in real life and I’ve been on the exact route. It’s from KEWR-TNCA. Aruba is a great place and it really is One Happy Island! Enjoy

Flight Information

Server: Training


Total Flight time: 4hr31mins

Altitude: FL360

Taxiing to runway 22R at Newark Liberty

Takeoff from 22R, Aruba here we come!

Going over The Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

Starting the descent into TNCA

Getting closer!

On Final Approach

Anddd we are down! Welcome to Queen Beatrix International Airport🇦🇼

Thanks for looking at my post! Constructive Criticism is allowed in the comments. I really enjoyed this flight because I grew up going on vacation to Aruba and I am really happy that I was able to take the exact route and put it into a Flight simulator and fly it! Once again thanks for looking at this post! 🙂🇦🇼


Amazing photos!

Welcome to the Community!

Welcome to the community! Definitely a great first post. Some new people could take a lesson from you! Organized, and high quality. Definitely love Aruba. Been there IRL, and both the island and the airport are so cool! What my favorite part was, was the hotel I stayed at also owned a private island that guests have access to by a shuttle boat. The boat path went right along the coast right before the runway threshold! I remember a Delta 757 went right above my head on the boat. Definitely a memorable experience, and one of the reasons I love Aruba so much. Your photos definitely did it justice! Great job!😁🇦🇼

Thanks! The island is really beautiful! If I’m correct the island is right next to the airport and is a great spot for plane spotting!🇦🇼🙂

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Amazing pictures and welcome to the community! Keep it up!

Welcome to the community! Great Shots!

Thank you Murphy!

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Thanks, Captain_Awerty!

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Great shots and welcome to the community! You started off on a better note than I did, so you’ll be fine!

Thanks, B3AST!

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Great pics!

Thank you, Vignesh!

I really liked #8 the wing shot was so beautiful like the others

Welcome to the community!

Wow!! Great photos and great first post! Welcome to the community!

this post is really nice espicially since my parents have a vacation home there.

Great Shots !! Welcome to community ! :)

Great photos, welcome to the community! @SuperFlyer55