Newark Airport

Since Newark Airport has been reworked, do you still hate it given the fact it is the most hated airport in New York?

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I think you misspelled LaGuardia


There are people here who hates Newark before the rework.

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LaGuardia is the best NYC airport. EWR is not bad either. I haven’t been to JFK so I don’t know much about it. I guess I would have to say JFK is the worst NYC airport then I guess although I’ve never been irl

That would be LaGarbage


Casual deer telling lies ;)

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Was it because it wasn’t reworked? There isn’t anything bad with the airport in the sim before or after the rework

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Newark is far from perfect, actually perfect doesn’t apply to any airport for that matter. But EWR is definitely FAR from perfect, but I love the airport in entirety. I started air spotting there when I was a kid, started and ended many great vacations from this airport as well. Nothing compared to taking a 777 from EWR to LHR back in 2014, my first transatlantic flight. She’s rough around the edges, but EWR is a solid airport.

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LaGarbbaga actually


Im a United frequent flyer and I’ve rarely had any issues. It’s a big airport for us NJ folks. Getting into JFK is a PITA.

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No, I am talking about Newark Airport in real life

Oh ok, got it

I’ve never actually been to New York. The only time I would say an airport is bad is if the windows aren’t big enough for spotting.


Or if they have those new things that go over the windows that make it impossible to focus on the plane correctly

Or when they put seats in front of the windows so you have to sit on your knees while trying to watch

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LaGarbage is nicer now that it was reworked IRL

The most well known imo being the Dots@Detroit.


Newark is quite nice. I’ve flown into it a couple of times and I have a good opinion of it.

Umm… the traffic it got says otherwise but everyone got their opinions

Newark airport is a great airport! I haven’t had any problems with it and its great for spotting!