Newark Airport Runway 4R/22L To Close For Construction Over The Summer

Newark Airport Runway 4R/22L To Close For Construction Over The Summer

Newark Airport has 2 main runways, 4L/22R and 4R/22L (they also have a crosswind runway rarely used). This summer, 4R/22L will undergo a HUGE construction and rehabilitation project after 9 years of no construction. According to the FAA, that runway handled 47%, and usually was the runway for landings, while 4L was used for takeeoffs usually. The runway rehabilitation project will take place over the summer, when holiday traffic down to Florida and the Caribbean’s down, but flyers should expect MAJOR delays at the airport as they will only be operating off of one runway.

“Maintaining runways in top-flight condition is the lifeblood of our airports and essential to keeping our facilities operating at the highest level,” - Port Authority of NY & NJ
Lets just hope that EWR ATC can handle this and keep the delays (at one of the countries worst airports for delays) as minimal as possible!



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Rip my flight to/from Aruba. We literally just booked it today. 😂


By the way, I really miss that SAS A343…

All this means is more delays! I didn’t think it could get worse lmao! But hey I love being delayed at EWR so much to go look at plus United is there so it’s chill.

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Well, this is fun, isn’t it?

Major delays on top of the normal Newark delays might as well mean cancelled flights JFK Supremacy


Newark…liberty… they really had to?! In my opinion the taxiways and runways at Newark is really complicated and will make it even harder.

Oof… great. 🤦‍♂️

But why during the peak of travel?

Do it in the less-holiday months

The runway is in poor condition. The lines are faded, the amount of shredded rubber is unbelievable, and simply time - it’s nearing the ten-year period. Not to mention the updated and new, necessary light fixtures the runway will be receiving.

Why they didn’t do this during COVID when EWR saw <30% of usual travel, I don’t know.

@CaptainZac, by the way, RWY 4R/22L is being rehabilitated, not RWY 4L/22R. You may want to fix the title and your text. 😉


I am honestly a dumb dumb. That’s what I get when I write this at two in the morning and wait to post it at 12 PM the next day 😂

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A lot of airports have been renovating with the reduced demand caused by the pandemic for example KSLC/SLC’s terminal and KSFO/SFO’s runway or runways (not exactly sure which one(s).) Good for KEWR/EWR! A nice clean and smooth runway is on the way!

Newark Liberty International Airport is a little late to the party considering a return in demand is beginning, nevertheless they have plenty of time to complete this project without any issues.

Great for them, this shows is that aviation can still advance and improve even during these trying times.

This will be interesting. When I lived up that way, I used to spot in the IKEA parking lot off of the NJTP (New Jersey Turnpike) 95N. Newark is quite busy in the morning. 🤔

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It looks like the construction is causing more issues than expected. Here’s TPG’s take on the situation:

I’ll be sure to throw in my experience when I fly in late August.

I flew in already on the 19th, 0 delays for me u will be fine

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