Newark Airport (KEWR) 3D Tracking Thread

Is it near completion if I may ask.

Technically speaking, yes. All of the changes requested in the OR were made, so the airport is in a releasable state, assuming no further issues are found. However, because I am crazy and Rob, Tyler, and I decided early on that we would only settle for as close to perfection as possible, I keep going back and refining small things (e.g., over the past few days, I reworked some of A1’s lines because they were slightly off). The good news, though, is that these changes won’t affect the release of the airport for the next update, and you all will receive a higher-quality airport. A win-win, no? 😊


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Yes indeed

SAN-EWR-SNN-LCY and backwards with the evo blue 738 once this is done!

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It seems like something I keep doing with my airports!

Besides that, I visited KEWR a few days ago, and you guys are doing a really good job Z-Tube! Keep up the work!


YESS!!! Very good I am so glad!


Will Newark be ready for 22.8 or do you not want to put that information out.

I am looking forward to flying WSSS-KEWR on the Singapore Airlines A350.

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That’s the plan. I’ll direct you to the following.

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ok. Thanks

Hey there! So I currently pick up shifts at the new terminal as I’m assigned fire watch duties inside. Yesterday, as you may or may not know, there was a ribbon cutting/unveiling ceremony of the new terminal at KEWR. Gates 1-24 are being used sparsely, every now and then I see a few United planes parked at the new gates. Is it possible to edit the 3D WIP terminal to have those gates open so IF users can start using them whenever the airport is released in game? Also FYI there are some gates that can accommodate heavies, I have seen gates that can fit up to a 777-300ER which would be an extremely rare site at a domestic terminal😂
Thanks for your hard work on this airport 🙏🏾


I know this is supposed to be in the real world category but I felt like sharing some sneak peeks of the interior👌🏾


Hey! I wish I could be you! Lol. The new terminal is gorgeous, and I have already started looking into which flights will depart from there on Dec. 8 to get the first glimpse. 😅

Regarding adding the terminal in Infinite Flight, the current model has it. However, it’s essentially the bare minimum, only containing the pavement and structure. While it would be possible to add the gates, lines, and objects, the latest imagery is only accessible via Google Earth, which does not provide us with the whole picture (completed markings, etc.). Plus, newer imagery displaying the finished product is bound to be available soon, allowing us to maintain the already-high standard we have set.

As a result, it is doubtful that T1 (I refuse to call it New Terminal A, lol) will be functional at the time of release, especially since we do not want to delay the release any longer. Rest assured, though, once we can get our hands on adequate imagery, it’ll be updated and released in a future update. We’re hoping this isn’t much longer after the initial release.


I don’t know much about Newark, but will the old terminal A going to be demolished as it appears that some of the gates are going to be blocked off by the new construction

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Concourse A1 has been demolished in real life, which is mirrored in our version. Concourse A2 and A3 are still very much in use and will remain this way when the airport is released. All future iterations will reflect the real-world airport, so when A2 and A3 are demolished after T1’s holistic opening, the same will be done on our end.

In the meantime, enjoy. :)


Man it looks great!!!


Looks really good


Fantastic work to the airport editors!