Newark Airport (KEWR) 3D Tracking Thread

Oooh can’t wait to do the longest flight on the United 757 (ARN-EWR) 8h 50min


Just flew out of Newark this morning! Great job on the airport! EWR-EGE is one of my favorite routes


I haven’t flown to Newark on my iPad mini 6, so maybe when this new 3D airport in Newark comes out either 22.6 or 22.7/23.1, I will be able to fly there

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Just flew on a 757-200 From MIA back home to Newark in first class.
I can’t get enough of Newark in real life and In Infinite Flight! No but seriously I’m excited to see the terminal c

POG, but if there is time can y’all try to add roads though so it can be like KJFK and LIRF? It’s fine if you guys can’t though. I respect your hard works anyways and I am super hyped for this airport to release


This was actually considered (specifically the AirTrain), but it would require a rather major rework of the terminals that are already built. We decided it’s best to have the air train come in a later version after the airport is initially released.


Ohh, either way I am still hyped for this airport to come out and I am looking forward for air trains and all to come to Newark soon!

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Do we know if it will be released in 22.6? I am so hyped!!!

We dont know yet but definitely soon!

Our goal is to have the airport uploaded for review in the very near future. However, the Official Review queue is quite long, so the time it takes to receive the feedback and make changes is unknown. Additionally, there is no guarantee that, if the airport is marked as ready for release before the airports for 22.6 are drawn, it will be included.

I’m sorry I couldn’t give a yes or no answer, but various factors will determine when EWR is released.


Building an airport from 2D to 3D is like doing an assignment, you put lots of time and effort into building the airport, then you have to submit a draft, then you have to fix up the errors pointed out by the reviewers/moderators.


I can’t wait for EWR!

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Hey hey. Cool roof coming your way soon



Will the burgers in Terminal C be better in game than real life?


That looks awesome!

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Sorry I mean behind the atc tower.

Ik it’s a small detail but I thought I’d just ask out of curiosity, because next to the atc tower is the Marriott hotel

That’s one nice roof, but what about the airport hotel next to the atc tower? Will that be there in the airport

Terminal C ✅