New Zealand to the World | World Tour 2022

Hello Infinite Flight Pilots welcome to New Zealand Virtual's first ever World Tour. Me and the staff are happy to present you with the hand picked routes that take you from are hub NZAA (Auckland) to the rest of the world.

World Tour Dates

The New Zealand World Tour Starts NOW (July 11th) and will end on JULY 31st so make sure to get as many flight in as possible! Good Luck!

World tour routes


LEG 1 | NZQN-NZAA | A320 | 1hr 50min

LEG 2 | NZAA-YSSY | 777 | 3hrs

LEG 3 | YSSY-PHNL | 787 | 9hrs

LEG 4 | PHNL-KSEA | 777 | 5hrs 53min

LEG 5 | KSEA-KSFO | A320 | 2hrs

LEG 6 | KSFO-KLAX | A320 | 50min

LEG 7 | KLAX-KDEN | 787 | 2hrs

LEG 8 | KDEN-KMIA | 777 | 4hrs

LEG 9 | KMIA-KJFK | A320 | 3hrs

LEG 10 | KJFK-EIDW | 777 | 6hrs

LEG 11 | EIDW-EGLL | A320 | 50min

LEG 12 | EGLL-EHAM | A320 | 50min

LEG 13 | EHAM-EDDF | A320 | 45min

LEG 14 | EDDF-LFPG | A320 | 50min

LEG 15 | LFPG-LTFM | 787 | 3hrs 25min

LEG 16 | LTFM-OMDB | 777 | 4hrs 20min

LEG 17 | OMDB-FAOR | 777 | 8hrs

LEG 18 | FAOR-FMEE | 787 | 4hrs

LEG 19 | FMEE-VABB | 787 | 8hrs 45min

LEG 20 | VABB-WSSS | 777 | 5hrs

LEG 21 | WSSS-VTBS | A320 | 2hrs 25min

LEG 22 | VTBS-VHHH | A320 | 2hrs 20min

LEG 22 | VHHH-RKSI | 777 | 3hrs 50min

LEG 23 | RKSI-RJTT | A320 | 1hr 10min

LEG 24 | RJTT-RPLL | 777 | 4hrs 50min

LEG 25 | RPLL-YSSY | 777 | 8hrs 20min

LEG 26 | YSSY-NTAA | 787 | 6hrs

LEG 27 | NTAA-NZAA | 787 | 5hrs 45min

World tour rules

  • Anyone can participate

  • Legs must be flown in order

  • Aircraft MUST be flown in the New Zealand livery

  • If not part of NZVA use callsign Air New Zealand XXXWT when flying the world tour routes

  • Most Important HAVE FUN!!


For the people who are interested in flying the World Tour prizes are up for grabs!!

1 Place: 1 month IF Pro

2 Place 100 NZVA Hours

3 Place 50 NZVA Hours

Prizes can only be claimed by pilots of NZVA


Check out NZVA’s photos on Instagram.

NZVA Insta

Want to be featured on our Instagram?
Send you photo to @NewZealandVirtual

Pilot Applications

​​Must be 14 years of age or older
Must be at least Infinite Flight grade 3 and have access to the expert server
Must have an active Infinite Flight subscription
Must be able to log at least one flight every month
Must be able to use Discord Professionally and be active
Must not be blacklisted or watch listed by the IFVARB
Must be in good standing with the IFC and IFVARB
IFC account must be at least 30 days old

NZVA Pilot Application

If you have any question or concerns about the World Tour or becoming a pilot please reach out to @sonar or @flynnwlsn


@Captain_Nicolas When do you plan to start flying?

Started Leg 1. This is going to be an awesome adventure. Thanks for the Tour @sonar

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What a way to start the World Tour. NZQN-NZAA Topped off with another Beautiful Southern Land Sunrise.

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Thanks for flying!!

I would do this but I’m kind of busy flying my own world tour, shame I’m not in the VA either would’ve been insane to log these flights

We are always here!!

may pilots part of codeshares collect the prizes?

what if they’re a codeshare airline?

They have to be a pilot of NZVA

ok, and if they’re a codeshare airline may they use they’re own callsign to represent the VA?

sorry if my grammar doesn’t make sense it’s rlly late rn

Yea they can if the VA codeshares the routes but if they dont you need to use Air New Zealand XXXWT

if they don’t codeshare the route, could we still do it and call it a “Codeshare Event”

for your VA?

yes. [this text here is so i can send the message]

lol) that is up to your CEO and What they thing about that but if the VA doesn’t codeshare that route with NZVA you must use ANZ xxxWT

Alright thank you

Np have a good day/night!

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